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Washington Taglines

  1. News Capital of the World
  2. I'm an IR major and I'm studying for my LSAT
  3. The Chocolate City, with a soft, marshmallowy inside and a graham cracker crust of corruption
  4. Murder Capital of America
  5. Chocolate City
  6. (Former) Murder Capital of America
Past Words of the Day

A reference to Scottsdale's "upper-crusty" atmosphere.

"City of Trees" is the official nickname for the city of Boise. The name comes from the French word boisé, which means "wooded." Although historical perceptions of cities aren't necessarily relevant today, the "City of Trees" moniker suits Boise well because of the natural beauty in and around the city.

In the midst of the debate over the Iraq war, a few US congressmen exercised their freedom to slight the French by renaming french fries and french toast in the congressional cafeteria. Enter "Freedom Fries".

An old, experienced Alaskan, the opposite of cheechako

A cheesesteak with Provolone cheese and onions.