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Washington Transportation

1. Slugging: The driver actually has to take on two passengers to use the HOV lane.  
2. DuPont Circle: A traffic circle in northwestern Washington D.C. where Massachusetts Ave, Connecticut Ave, New Hampshire Ave, P Str...  
3. Seg: Short for the "Segway Human Transporter", a two wheel, motorized sidewalk 'scooter' almost that one can easily rent...  
4. Segs in the City: A kiosk on Pennsylvania Ave between 10th and 12th Streets where one can rent a Segway Human Transporter, complete w...  
5. X6 Shuttle: A shuttle bus that runs between Union Station and the National Arboretum.  
6. Circulator: A bus service in Georgetown.  
7. Metrorail: Washington D.C.'s mass transit railroad system.  
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