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106. Cleveland Park: An area known for its historical residences and vintage buildings, in the Connecticut Avenue Corridor section of D....  
107. Van Ness: A neighborhood in the Connecticut Avenue Corridor Section, just north of Cleveland Park.  
108. INTELSAT: A futuristic-looking building overlooking Connecticut Avenue from International Drive, designed to be economical in...  
109. Georgetown University: A private Jesuit research and academic institution located in the Georgetown neighborhood.  
110. Circulator: A bus service in Georgetown.  
111. Washington Harbor: A complex of apartments, offices, shops, restaurants and bars located on the Potomac in Georgetown.  
112. Georgetown Fle Market: On Wisconsin Avenue, on Sundays from March to December.  
113. ICQ: The Intercultural Center Building in Georgetown.  
114. Mr. Smiths: A popular nightspot in Georgetown that sometimes attracts famous faces.  
115. Old Glory: A popular bar in Georgetown, that sometimes attracts celebrities.  
116. Old Quarter: In Georgetown, a section of antique shops and other interesting stores.  
117. Eastern Market: A market with a great variety of international cuisines at various stalls; in the Capitol Hill area.  
118. Restaurant Nora: The country's first (and very expensive) certified organic restaurant; on Florida Ave NW.  
119. Dubliner, The: An Irish Pub on Capitol Street.  
120. Friendship Heights: A residential neighborhood in northwestern Washington D.C.  
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"Just like a state, only it gets hosed on Senate representation." Edit | History
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