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61. Cherry Blossom Festival: A springtime event to commemorate Japanese-American relations.  
62. Swiss Embassy: A great place to experience concerts, films and other family activities; on Cathedral Ave.  
63. Halloween: In Georgetown, a huge costume party for adults which includes a fair amount of barhopping.  
64. RFK Stadium: Home to the Washington DC United Soccer Team.  
65. Ellipse, The: An interesting sculpture situated in President's Park, just south of the White House  
66. Christmas Tree Lighting: On the second Thursday in December, the President and First Lady light a big Christmas tree for public viewing.  
67. Metro Etiquette: In the DC subways, be sure to stand on the right on the escalators in order to let the busy commuters run by unimpe...  
68. DC: Washington DC, AKA The District of Columbia, to locals.  
69. Row Houses: A style of housing dating back to the 17th century, similar to a town home; very common in the older parts of D.C.  
70. Exorcist House: The house whose exterior, including the infamous staircase, were featured in the 1970s classic horror movie of the ...  
71. Washington Marina: The 'first class' marina built to satisfy Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidential Order.  
72. Foggy Bottom: Washington D.C.'s west end district, named after an odiferous gasworks situated there at one time; now home to Geor...  
73. Einstein: A statue of Albert Einstein, located outside the museum of the National Academy of Sciences. Also, a popular climbi...  
74. Department of the Interior: The entity entrusted with protecting and providing access to the natural and cultural heritage of the United States...  
75. Federal Reserve: The central bank of the United States, located on northwest L Street.  
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"Just like a state, only it gets hosed on Senate representation." Edit | History
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