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46. DuPont Circle: A traffic circle in northwestern Washington D.C. where Massachusetts Ave, Connecticut Ave, New Hampshire Ave, P Str...  
47. U Street: A street lined with old-style row houses, shops and restaurants in northwest Washington D.C.  
48. Seg: Short for the "Segway Human Transporter", a two wheel, motorized sidewalk 'scooter' almost that one can easily rent...  
49. Segs in the City: A kiosk on Pennsylvania Ave between 10th and 12th Streets where one can rent a Segway Human Transporter, complete w...  
50. Library of Congress: The nation's library, located on Capitol Hill, is also the world's largest library. It was founded in 1800 and cont...  
51. Library Without Walls, The: Refers to the extensive Internet resources offered by the Library of Congress.  
52. Archie Bunker's Chair: This pop culture artifact can be viewed in DC, at the Museum of American History.  
53. National Archives: This is where you can view historical documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  
54. Ford's Theatre: This venue was the site of Lincoln's assassination in 1865, and believe it or not, the place is still open and has ...  
55. Newseum: An interactive museum seeking to educate the public about journalism and news  
56. Freedom Park Museum: A 1000-foot-long park and outdoor museum honoring journalists killed in the line of duty.  
57. 16th Street Historic District: A major historical street through D.C. that runs to the White House, part of the city's original architectural plan...  
58. Watergate: The infamous riverfront hotel complex that was a central figure in--and the namesake of--Nixon's political scandal ...  
59. Encore CafĂ©: An eatery in the Kennedy Center that provides an excellent view of the DC skyline  
60. Grand Foyer: An elegant gathering room in the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  
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"Just like a state, only it gets hosed on Senate representation." Edit | History
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