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31. Adams Morgan: An arty, bohemian neighborhood where young artists are commissioned to paint murals on otherwise ordinary brick fac...  
32. Union Station: An historic building with marble floors, now a shopping mall and modern rail station with over 32 million annual vi...  
33. Georgetown: The area of Washington D.C. that predated the capital, originally a Native American settlement and now a historic a...  
34. National Mall: A tree-lined park that stretches two miles and includes such landmarks as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington M...  
35. Potomac River: The river forming part of the boundary between Washington D.C. and Maryland.  
36. Sewall-Belmont House: A museum and library in honor of the women's rights movement, near Union Station  
37. National Cathedral: An interfaith church dating back to the birth of the city itself, still holding services and open to the public.  
38. Smithsonian Institution: A world-renowned research institution that oversees more than a dozen museums and galleries along the National Mall...  
39. National Air and Space Museum: One of the most popular of the Smithsonian museums in the National Mall area; features real aircraft and spacecraft...  
40. Alexandria: The part of Virginia just south of Washington D.C., on the west bank of the Potomac River.  
41. Arlington: The nearby area of Virginia that contains the Arlington National Cemetery, the military memorial where war veterans...  
42. Washington Post: The largest newspaper in the Washington D.C. area, and one of the oldest as well (started in 1877).  
43. Pennsylvania Ave: The main street joining the Capitol to the White House.  
44. Embassy Row: The area of D.C. with the primary concentration of international embassies, along northwest Massachusetts Avenue.  
45. DuPont Circle: A traffic circle in northwestern Washington D.C. where Massachusetts Ave, Connecticut Ave, New Hampshire Ave, P Str...  
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"Just like a state, only it gets hosed on Senate representation." Edit | History
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Trenton has its own 'style' of this lawn game, where one pitches round metal quoits (sort of like metal hoops or rings) at a target.