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16. Barack Obama: The 44th President of the United States and winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.  
17. BO: The initials of Barack Obama, which would make him susceptible to all sorts of snickering if he were still in grade...  
18. WAPO: Common abbreviation for the Washington Post  
19. Retrocession: Retrocession is the act of giving back land that was once granted. In the case of Washington, DC retrocession is th...  
20. all y'all: Commonly used to emphasize that no one is excluded.  
21. Jr. Hot Shoppes: THE place to hit back in the 60's.  
22. Deadskins: When the Redskins have a losing season.  
23. Luxury Nails Spa: For you to have nail designs that are beautiful and work like magnets, we are providing from gel nail to acrylic, 3...
24. Jewelers' Werk Galerie Inc: Jewlery Store, Art Gallery In Washington, DC
25. Law Offices of David F. Hall: To meet the real estate, divorce attorneys in Washington, DC that when they blow their breath, they raise a storm, ...
26. Banana Cafe & Piano Bar: Cuban Restaurant, Puerto Rican Restaurant , Live Music Venue, Catering, Piano Bar, Bars, Puerto Rican Food, Cuban F...
27. Lincoln Memorial: Administered by the National Park Service, the Lincoln Memorial stands at the west end of the National Mall in Wash...
28. HHH: Hazy, hot, and humid -- how local news anchors describe a typical summer day in D.C.  
29. Washington Redskins: Official name for the National Football League team in Washington, D.C. Part of the National Football Conference (...  
30. Mario Murray: The trumpeter voted "Best Street Musician" in 2004 during the Sidewalk Musician's Slam Competition  
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"Just like a state, only it gets hosed on Senate representation." Edit | History
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One of NYC's unique customs, a sort of amped-up flea market with food, music, and a variety of other celebratory activities. Street fairs are a good place to just wander around and take in the sights and smells of the real NYC.

A common question in Saint Louis upon meeting someone. It is thought that meaningful stereotypes can be made of a person once knowing where he went to high school. This is perhaps a testament to the intense segregation that has plagued the city.

1. Stinky water from the gutters that mixes with garbage. Don't step in the polio water, or else the polio smell will stick with you all day.

2. Polio Water - A puddle of water.

The Hollywood sign has been changed to "Hollyweed" on a few occasions, once in the '70s after legislation that would decriminalize marijuana, as well as for a scene in a movie. Since then marijuana culture has defined LA through the prevalence of medical marijuana. People have tried to profit from the Hollyweed name by selling t-shirts with the silly moniker.

A mythical six-legged cat; the mascot of Conway High School.