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61. Colorado Northwestern Community College: A Community College that is located in the town of Rangely.  
62. Colorado State University Pueblo: A Public College that is located in the city of Pueblo, CO.  
63. Colorado Technical University: A system of colleges throughout Colorado that are career-training institutions. This particular location is in Col...  
64. Community College of Aurora: A Community College that is located in the City of Aurora.  
65. University of Denver: Private University located in Denver that has a gorgeous campus for the 10,000+ students that attend.  
66. Emily Griffith Opportunity School: A very unique technical college that is located in Denver. CO.  
67. Fort Lewis College: Public Liberal Arts College that is located in the city of Durango, CO.  
68. Iliff School of Theology: A Theology Graduate school that is located in Mile-High City.  
69. Mesa State College: A public liberal-arts college that is in the city of Grand Junction.  
70. Metropolitan State College of Denver: A giant public university located in Denver. People have stated that there are more than 20,000 undergraduates alo...  
71. Naropa University: Just a correction. When talking about the University of CO, it is usually referred to CU-Boulder, to distinguish ...  
72. Nazarene Bible College: The private bible college in the city of Colorado Springs.  
73. Otero Junior College: One of Colorado's community college, this one located in La Junta.  
74. Pikes Peak Community College: Another college located in the city of Colorado Springs; this one is a community college.  
75. Red Rocks Community College: Community college located near Arvada, CO.  
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