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46. Barns 2 Home: To meet the reclaimed barn wood suppliers in Denver, CO, as to why they have passions to offer the best wood, it is...
47. Greenworks Hydroponics: For grow tents, plant mediums in Montrose, CO, to contact the specialty gardening experts that know all about the e...
48. Forrest D. W. Groves, D.D.S: For dental implants, cosmetic dentistry in Boulder, CO, to contact the general dentistry specialists for whom the s...
49. Release Chiropractic and Wellness Center: To save you from the shooting pain of your misaligned spine, come to the experts in back alignment in service since...
50. Bonedale: Local slang for Carbondale  
51. Mile High City: A nickname for Denver based on the fact that its elevation is one mile above sea level (5280 feet).  
52. Highlands: The official name of this delightful and historic district is Highland. It's often erroneously called Highlands or ...  
53. Fossil Trace: Fossil Trace Golf Club is a great, picturesque golf course right outside of Denver. It gets its name from the fossi...
54. Denver Broncos: Official name for the National Football League team in Denver, CO. Part of the National Football Conference (NFC)....  
55. Adams State College: a public liberal arts college that is centered in the small city of Alamosa, CO.  
56. Arapahoe Community College: a relatively mid-sized community college.  
57. Belleview College: a small private college that is associated with the Pillar of Fire church.  
58. Colorado Christian University: private Christian college that is located in city of Lakewood, CO.  
59. Colorado Film School: Who wouldn't want to go here? A film school in Denver, CO...indeed, a dream come true.  
60. Colorado Mountain College: a community college that is split up into 7 different campuses, located in Glennwood Springs.  
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Sunny P is a local nickname for Sun Prairie. I guess it's a takeoff of the orange juice like drink, Sunny D.

A stupid person; short for "bucket head".

An act first practiced at Brookfield Central High School in the mid-1990s. Several students from the Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield, being of a gentle disposition, sought a safer and more sanitary form of humiliation than the traditional swirlie, which involves holding someone's head in a toilet and then flushing. The new "Brookfield swirlie" consisted of holding the victim's head down on...

When the city of Indianapolis either bores or annoys its residents.

1. Normally a small strip of land that separates two bodies of water, 'isthmus' often refers to the city of Madison itself, which is indeed an isthmus between Lakes Mendota and Monona. "The Isthmus" is also a local newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin.

2. A weekly Madison newspaper published on Thursdays. The paper includes local news, restaurant listings, movie times and reviews, a community guide, classifieds and personals. The paper is well-known for having a liberal slant.