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1. Arrowhead Golf Club: A golf course that was "300 million years in the making." The ancient red sandstone rock formations jut out from th...
2. Zip Code Guy, The: A regular addition to Pearl Street's variety of performers who apparently knows every zip code in the entire world,...  
3. People's Republic of Boulder: Boulder: ten square miles surrounded by reality  
4. Bluecifer: New York Jazz Academy, a music school based in New York City, is the only place that welcomes artists of all ages a...
5. Freedom Cage: Freedom Cage is the brilliantly oxymoronic name given to the small chunk of asphalt designated as the place of prot...  
6. Satan's Steed: Satan's Steed is one of the nicknames of the blue horse sculpture just outside of the Denver International Airport....
7. Denver Donkeys: Loving and loyal reference (in the most self-depreciating way) to the Denver Broncos. See: Denver Broncos, Orang...  
8. Orange Crush: See: Denver Broncos or Denver Donkeys, circa 1980s  
9. Blue Devil Horse: it is so cool
10. Ft. Fun: Slang term used to refer to Ft. Collins and it's "fun" atmosphere. My guess would be that it's use became popular ...  
11. Berthoud Pass: A mountain pass just west of Denver that is popular for back country hikers and skiers. Elevation is just over 11,0...
12. Gayborhood, The: Refers to the Capitol Hill area.  
13. 13th Step, The: The 13th step of the State Capitol Building (on the west side) happens to be situated exactly one mile (5280 feet) ...  
14. Front Range, The: The local reference to a series of mountain peaks (some as high as 14,000 feet) just beyond the continental divide  
15. Sheraton Denver: This hotel (formerly known as the Adam's Mark Denver) is the largest in Colorado.  
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"John Denver was indeed right!" Edit | History
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Grocery shopping.

A nickname for Los Angeles, which has a large Iranian population, especially in West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Slang for Victorian houses with multi-colored schemes, such houses line many streets in San Francisco.

1. Pittsburgh speak for the preposition "with".

2. Meaning: with
Example: I'd like my cheesesteak wit onions.

James Farley, Postmaster under FDR, said in 1936, "There are 47 states in the Union, and the Soviet of Washington." He alluded to the leftist movements in the state, particularly in Seattle where labor movements occurred post WWI when unsatisfactory efforts were made to improve wages after war-time wage controls.