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California Taglines

  1. If I’ve only one life, let me live it in California
  2. Happy cows wake up in a cold sweat with thoughts of living here
  3. Where happy cows are from
Past Words of the Day

(noun) Traffic light maneuver associated with Pittsburgh. It is when a the first car in either direction waiting for a stop light is allowed to (or claims the right to) turn left before the car facing the opposite direction proceeds straight ahead.

Deep fried ravioli, a St. Louis specialty.

Refers to the laid-back atmosphere, where it is not common for people to arrive 10 minutes late for meetings

1. A large and predominantly Latino neighborhood located in the north-eastern section of Manhattan surrounding 116th Street and bounded by the East River.

2. A predominantly Hispanic (Puerto Rican) neighborhood in northeastern Manhattan.

A nickname for those that move to warmer climates in the winter (usually Florida or Arizona) and then back to Wisconsin in the summer.