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1. Campus Point: A favorite surf spot at the furthest point on the UCSB campus.  
2. Pryor Baird and the Deacons: A Blues and Rock & Roll band that plays around town - usually at The James Joyce on Thursday nights.  
3. James Joyce, The: Great little joint at 513 State Street. They've got darts, pool, live music, and you throw your peanut shells right...  
4. João Cabrilho: A Portguese explorer but sailed for Spain and was the first to discover California in 1542 but died on January 1543  
5. State Street: Separated into "lower" and "upper" parts, State Street is considered the main drag at the heart of the city. It sep...  
6. American Riviera, The: A nickname given to Santa Barbara because of its climate's resemblance to the Riviera's wonderful Mediterranean cli...  

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