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1. Oaklander: Those that reside and grew up in Oakland, California.  
2. Hella: adj. 1. Many: "I ate hella donuts." 2. Much: "I ate hella donut glaze." adv. 1. Very: "That donut was hella g...  
1. East Oakland: Oakland's largest side, it was once the site of much of Oakland's industrial capacity but such infrastructure has l...  
2. North Oakland: Bordered by West Oakland and downtown, North Oakland is home to the city's most affluent areas.  
3. Old Oakland: The historic district in downtown Oakland.  
1. Loma Prieta Earthquake: A major earthquake that reached a 6.9 on the Richter Scale. it ironically occurred during the World Series between...  
2. Cinco de Mayo Fruitvale Festival & Parade: Oakland's Cinco De Mayo celebration, held in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland.  
3. Chinatown Streetfest: A street festival held in Oakland's Chinatown every year. It is a popular with tourists and locals, it features a ...  
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