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Los Angeles Words & Expressions

1. People's Republic of Soviet Monica: Also, very popular with Santa Monica City Council who realize who their mentors are!  
2. Smog Angeles: Smog Angeles is a nickname for the city of Los Angeles, which is often affected by excessive smog.  
3. Tehrangeles: A nickname for Los Angeles, which has a large Iranian population, especially in West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.  
4. Pac-1: This nickname is brought on by USC's dominance but only applies to football. Other Pac-10 sports are quite competit...  
5. In the Valley: Generally refers to the San Fernando Valley area.  
6. MOCA: The Museum of Contemporary Art
7. La La Land: A nickname for Los Angeles.  
8. Tinseltown: A nickname for Hollywood.  
9. City of Angels: A nickname for Los Angeles.  
10. SoCal: Slang for 'Southern California"  
11. Hollyweed: The Hollywood sign has been changed to "Hollyweed" on a few occasions, once in the '70s after legislation that woul...  
12. Crab: Slang for a member of the Bloods, a gang whose members wear red.  
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"Welcome to La La Land" Edit | History