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Los Angeles Streets

1. Rodeo Drive: The three blocks between Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards are one of the most famous-and most expensive-shoppin...
2. Olvera Street: The 'Birthplace of the City of Los Angeles", also known as "El Pueblo Historic Monument".
3. Museum Row: A three-block section of Wilshire Boulevard that features five different museums.  
4. La Cienega: A Boulevard that was originally meant to be a freeway but never quite made it past Hollywood.  
5. Ventura Boulevard: A primary east-west thoroughfare and the oldest route in the San Fernando Valley, and a pop-culture icon to some ex...  
6. Walk of Fame: The Hollywood Walk of Fame, featuring those famous commemorative 'stars' in the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard, ru...  
7. Central Avenue: A major north-south thoroughfare through central and downtown Los Angeles  
8. Hollywood Boulevard: A famous street in Los Angeles that is particularly notable for the Hollywood Walk of Fame among its wide variety e...  
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