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76. Alimony Ale: The name for one of Buffalo Bill's Brewery's microbrews. The brewpub, one of the oldest in the country, boasts that...  
77. Hella: adj. 1. Many: "I ate hella donuts." 2. Much: "I ate hella donut glaze." adv. 1. Very: "That donut was hella g...  
78. James Joyce, The: Great little joint at 513 State Street. They've got darts, pool, live music, and you throw your peanut shells right...  
79. Pryor Baird and the Deacons: A Blues and Rock & Roll band that plays around town - usually at The James Joyce on Thursday nights.  
80. Campus Point: A favorite surf spot at the furthest point on the UCSB campus.  
81. Aggies, The: UC Davis sports team  
82. Sophies: Thai restaurant and grad student hang out  
83. GSM: UC Davis Graduate School of Management  
84. Vito's: Restaurant and Bar - Undergrad hang out at night  
85. Rick Marianetti: National Culture and Events writer for the Examiner.
86. Hollyweed: The Hollywood sign has been changed to "Hollyweed" on a few occasions, once in the '70s after legislation that woul...  
87. Happy Hour: Happy Hour is what occurs ALL DAY LONG at Tahoe Joe's on Sundays! You can smell the steaks cookin a mile away from ...  
88. ClearView Sunrooms and Windows: ClearView Sunrooms & Windows is known for Installation of Custom Built Three & Four Season Sunroom Additions & Ener...
89. hella: adj. 1. Many: "I ate hella donuts." 2. Much: "I ate hella donut glaze." adv. 1. Very: "That donut was hella g...  
90. Solutionz Conferencing Inc.: Solutionz Conferencing, Inc. is a worldwide total conferencing provider specializing in pervasive video and UC coll...  
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A hodad is a guy who pretends to be a surfer but really isn't. He may or may not actually surf, but for the most part chills at the beach and tries to look cool to pick up women.

Adjective used to describe the state of Illinois, whether it be a reference to corrupt politics, aggressive drivers, Cubs fans, or anything else objectionable.

Literally, "Is it not so?", a slurring of "ain't it, hey?". May be used after a statement of fact when one expects a response, reply, or nod of acknowledgement. Ex: "Dem Brewers is doin' good dis year, aina hey?".

Norwegian phrase used to express annoyance. Much like the jewish phrase oy ve.

Refers to the gentrifying effect of the University of Pennsylvania on the West Philadelphia area.