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241. Patrick's Roadhouse: A bright green shack near the Pacific Coast Highway that is a less-visible breakfast spot for celebrities.  
242. Polic-Celebrity Golf Tournament: An annual golf tournament billed as "the world's largest celebrity-supported sports charity event", where celebriti...  
243. LAPD: Acronym for the Los Angeles Police Department  
244. Century City: A commercial and residential area in western Los Angeles that houses many entertainment law firms in addition to it...  
245. Staples Center, The: Home to the Lakers, the Clippers and the Kings sports teams.
246. House of Blues, The: A popular live music club partially owned by Dan Aykroyd-one of the original "Blues Brothers".  
247. Magic Castle: A private club for magicians and their invited guests.  
248. Witch's House, The: A bizarre piece of architecture that looks like a piece of a fairy-tale, now a private home in Beverly Hills. It wa...  
249. Sunset Strip: A section of the larger Sunset Boulevard in western Los Angeles, famous for being a hub of LA nightlife.  
250. Bijan: This clothing store on Rodeo Drive is said to be the most expensive in the world, and one of the most exclusive.  
251. Mani's Bakery: The "hottest bakery in Los Angeles" features a healthycafé menu, a well as sugar-free, fat-free and organic goodie...  
252. Nate & Al's Deli: A landmark of a little deli with a huge menu, that attracts celebrities despite its modest appearance.  
253. Pink's: A little shack of an eatery on the corner of Melrose Avenue at LaBrea, famous for 10-inch chili dogs and a popular ...  
254. Mr. Chow's: A celebrity-frequented upscale Chinese restaurant in Beverly Hills  
255. Hotel Bel-Air, The: This secluded 5-star retreat is considered by many to be among the finest-and most romantic-hotels in the world.  
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Used in the children's game Duck, Duck, Gray Duck elsewhere in the States the chosen child is called "Goose" as in Duck, Duck, Goose.

1. In New York City, when you order a "slice," it is assumed that you are ordering a slice of plain cheese pizza. If you say: "Give me a slice," then you'll be handed a slice of cheese pizza. If you want toppings, you need to specify your slice (ie: "I'll have a slice of pepperoni.").

2. In NYC, it is very common to "grab a slice" as you're walking somewhere. Pizza, that is. People in this city all seem to be able to eat and walk at the same time with ease, and street-front windows where you can grab a slice to go are plentiful!

A nickname originally given to the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp by its Confederate prisoners. Hellmira can still be used as a derogatory term for the city of Elmira itself.

A plate of half chicken tenders and half french fries.

Coffee laced with chicory. Rumored to have originated in New Orleans during the Civil War, when the city was under a federal blockade and could not import enough coffee, which necessitated blending the coffee with chicory root. Chicory is added to coffee in other parts of the world, including Madras and Belgium. Made famous at Cafe Du Monde on Jackson Square.