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241. Pacific Graduate Institute: Graduate school in Carpinteria.  
242. Palomar Community College: Community college in the small city of San Marcos, CA.  
243. Reedley College: community college in the very small city of Reedley, California.  
244. San Diego Christian College: Private Christian university in the city of El Cajon, which resides in the San Diego area.  
245. Santa Monica: A city in western Los Angeles County, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica Bay and surrounded ...  
246. Malibu: A coastal city in northwestern Los Angeles County, world famous for its beaches.
247. Venice: A western district of Los Angeles popular for its tourist-trap boardwalk and beaches.  
248. LA Weekly: A free weekly Los Angeles newspaper that lists the current arts and entertainment happenings.  
249. Third Street Promenade: A retail, dining and entertainment area in the heart of Santa Monica  
250. Standard Hotel: Don't let the moniker fool you; these unique hotels are anything but standard and seem to be a favorite amongst the...  
251. Spago Beverly Hills: Famous Chef Wolfgang Puck's Los Angeles-area restaurant.  
252. East LA: East Los Angeles; an unincorporated area directly east of the downtown portion of the city brought to notoriety by ...  
253. Compton: A city in southern Los Angeles County and the birthplace of 'gangsta rap'.  
254. SoCal: Slang for 'Southern California"  
255. DASH: DASH Downtown provides bus service throughout Downtown Los Angeles.  
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"If I’ve only one life, let me live it in California" Edit | History
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Loving and loyal reference (in the most self-depreciating way) to the Denver Broncos. See: Denver Broncos, Orange Crush

Common phrase that you learn and laugh at in elementary school in WC. Refers to the fact that you can go into town via High Street, then hang a right on Gay Street and exit town to the east side.

The Rhode Island version of "People's Court"; a tv show where real people have their cases heard...and broadcasted...from Providence Municipal Court. The show is hosted by Chief Judge Frank Caprio. Only in America can you become a pseudo-celebrity for getting a parking ticket.

The subject of a famous legend regarding a rich gold mine in the Superstition Mountains-likely exaggerated, but based on the life of "forty-niner" Jacob Waltz in the 1800s. Some people still venture into the mountains looking for the hidden 'treasure'.

Madison-area lakes can sprout huge blooms of blue-green algae, which can produce toxins and cause a flurry of nasty symptoms--and even death--in people and pets.