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166. HP Pavilion: An indoor sports and entertainment venue located on the eastside of San Jose, it plays host to the San Jose Sharks.  
167. San Jose Sharks: San Jose’s professional hockey team  
168. San Jose Sabercats: San Jose’s arena football team, it is the Arena Football League defending champion.  
169. Alamada Expressway: Right in the heart of Silicon Valley and just south of San Jose, Almaden Valley is mostly upper class with homes ow...  
170. Capitol Expressway: The expressway portion of County Road G8, which runs Santa Clara to Downtown San Jose.  
171. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library: Located near downtown San Jose, the MLK library is the largest library and serves as the main library for San Jose ...  
172. Kelley Park: A park in east San Jose consisting of the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Portuguese Historical Museum and a small ...  
173. Japanese Friendship Garden: A Japanese styled garden located in Kelley Park.  
174. Spartan Stadium: The stadium of the San Jose State University football team.  
175. San Jose Mercury News: San Jose’s most widely distributed newspaper.  
176. Voodoo Lounge: Referred also to as the Voodoo bar or the Lounge, it is one of San Jose’s largest clubs.  
177. Smoke Tiki Lounge: The largest bar in downtown San Jose, it sports private cabanas to go along with its beach party atmosphere.  
178. San Jose Symphony: Whose roots date back to the Civil War-era, the San Jose Symphony is the oldest orchestra on the West Coast. The or...  
179. San Jose Museum: The Left Coast's largest museum dedicated to ancient Egyptian artifacts, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planet...  
180. Art Institute of California-San Diego, The: An art institution, part of a system in California, that is located in San Diego, CA.  
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1. On April 1st, 2010, Google changed its name to Topeka, which may have been reciprocation from Topeka changing...

(noun) Common term for hamburger in much of Maine, especially when used as an ingredient or topping (as in hamburg pizza).

Dubbed "Touchdown Jesus" by Notre Dame alumni, "The Word of Life," constructed by Millard Sheets, is a mural on the face of the university's Hesburgh Library. Easily viewed from the football stadium, the piece features the looming figure of the resurrected Jesus with arms raised like a referee signaling a touchdown.

1. Town square in the Treme neighborhood where slaves used to meet on Sundays to dance.

2. Sunday was the slave's day off. They would meet at "Place de Negres," which is now called Congo Square. Treme is the cradle of African American music in the New Orleans area, and Congo Square is ground zero.

The North Bay village, so dubbed due to its Brazilian population.