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166. Mutt Lynchs: So fun..must visit before going to the pier. Best breakfast in town.  
167. Grove, The: An outdoor shopping complex interlinked with the Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax. A double-decker trolley takes ...  
168. Santa Monica Farmer's Markets: Four different farmer's markets during the week in Santa Monica: 1)Wednesday: 8:30am-1:30pm at Arizona Ave. & 2nd ...  
169. Runyon Canyon: basically it is 1 huge park. but something has to be man made  
170. San Francisco 49rs: Official name for the National Football League team in San Francisco, CA. Part of the National Football Conference...  
171. Oakland Raiders: Official name for the National Football League team in Oakland, CA. Part of the American Football Conference (AFC)...  
172. San Diego Chargers: Official name for the National Football League team in San Diego, CA. Part of the American Football Conference (AF...  
173. San Jose City Council: the local government of the city of San Jose, also known as the Council.  
174. Silicon Valley: located in the southern part of the Bay Area, Silicon Valley became first known for its production of silicon chips...  
175. San Jose State University: Also simply known as San Jose State or SJSU, it is the founding campus of the California State University system.  
176. Santa Clara University: a private co-educational university located in the small adjacent town of Santa Clara.  
177. Downtown Historic District: Measuring the size of one city block, the district retains some of the oldest buildings in the city, representing e...  
178. De Anza Hotel: opened in 1931, the De Anza Hotel is the tallest Building in the San Jose Building District. It is also known for i...  
179. Hotel Saint Claire: One of San Jose’s most recognized architechural buildings, the Sainte Claire is a six story hexagonal building loca...  
180. Children's Discovery Museum: A museum geared toward children allowing them to interact directly with various hands-on exhibits.  
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"If I’ve only one life, let me live it in California" Edit | History
Past Words of the Day

1. Stinky water from the gutters that mixes with garbage. Don't step in the polio water, or else the polio smell will stick with you all day.

2. Polio Water - A puddle of water.

A cheesesteak with Provolone cheese and onions.

A hodad is a guy who pretends to be a surfer but really isn't. He may or may not actually surf, but for the most part chills at the beach and tries to look cool to pick up women.

Philadelphia Eagles fans who boo the team when they're not performing well.

1. "Bennies" is more from the Jersey Shore and refers to people from other parts of the area visiting during the summer.

N=Northern NJ
N=NYC ...ies

2. Jersey slang for tourists.