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151. San Diego Chargers: Official name for the National Football League team in San Diego, CA. Part of the American Football Conference (AF...  
152. San Jose City Council: the local government of the city of San Jose, also known as the Council.  
153. Silicon Valley: located in the southern part of the Bay Area, Silicon Valley became first known for its production of silicon chips...  
154. San Jose State University: Also simply known as San Jose State or SJSU, it is the founding campus of the California State University system.  
155. Santa Clara University: a private co-educational university located in the small adjacent town of Santa Clara.  
156. Downtown Historic District: Measuring the size of one city block, the district retains some of the oldest buildings in the city, representing e...  
157. De Anza Hotel: opened in 1931, the De Anza Hotel is the tallest Building in the San Jose Building District. It is also known for i...  
158. Hotel Saint Claire: One of San Jose’s most recognized architechural buildings, the Sainte Claire is a six story hexagonal building loca...  
159. Children's Discovery Museum: A museum geared toward children allowing them to interact directly with various hands-on exhibits.  
160. Tech Museum of Innovation: also referred as simply, The Tech, is a museum which emphasizes technology and its cultural effects. Located in dow...  
161. San Jose Repertory: San Jose’s first theater company, founded in 1980.  
162. HP Pavilion: An indoor sports and entertainment venue located on the eastside of San Jose, it plays host to the San Jose Sharks.  
163. San Jose Sharks: San Jose’s professional hockey team  
164. San Jose Sabercats: San Jose’s arena football team, it is the Arena Football League defending champion.  
165. Alamada Expressway: Right in the heart of Silicon Valley and just south of San Jose, Almaden Valley is mostly upper class with homes ow...  
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Leftover tomato pie from Palermos (half fried eggplant, half garlic).

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Slugging is a form of hitchhiking in DC that benefits both the hitchhiker and the driver. The driver can use the much faster HOV lane after taking on a passenger.

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A dish similar to the ceviche of South America that includes a marinade of lemon juice, scallions, and coconut. Kelaguen can be made with chicken, seafood, or raw beef. Just as with ceviche, beef kelaguen is "cooked" not by heat but the acid from the lemon juice.

Slang for the beer Milwaukee's Best.