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1. ethnic chauvinism: This is what Arizona Superintendent Tom Horne accuses Tucson's Mexican-American Studies of. Horne has tried for yea...  
2. Tucson: The English name Tucson derives from the Spanish name of the city, Tucsón [tukˈson], meaning "(at the) base of the ...  
3. Old Pueblo, The: Tucson is sometimes referred to as "The Old Pueblo".  
1. Fresco Pizzeria & Pastaria: Pizza Restaurant, Salads, Catering, Pasta, Calzones, Pizza Delivery, Pizza, Dine In, Subs, Restaurant
1. El Presidio: Tucson's oldest neighborhood.  
2. Barrio Histórico: Is also known as Barrio Libre.  
3. Amory Park: Is directly south of downtown.  
1. Dillinger Days Festival: An annual event, the "Dillinger Days" festival highlights a reenactment of the arrest of Harry Pierpont, Charles Ma...  
2. Tuscon International Mariachi Conference: Mariachi is celebrated annually at this event, as Mariachi music is popular and influential in Tucson, and the city...  
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