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136. Dillinger Days Festival: An annual event, the "Dillinger Days" festival highlights a reenactment of the arrest of Harry Pierpont, Charles Ma...  
137. Titan Missile Museum: The Titan II Missiles were the largest, most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles developed by the United S...  
138. Jacome's: Jacome's, a family-run department store in downtown Tucson survived for eighty years before succumbing to competiti...  
139. 520, The: Slang for Tucson based on its 520 area code.  
140. Wash: The river bed of the Santa Cruz River, that for much of the year, remains dry, but floods during significant season...  
141. I-19: I-19 is the only Interstate highway that uses "kilometer posts" instead of "mileposts", although the speed limits a...  
142. El Presidio: Tucson's oldest neighborhood.  
143. Barrio Histórico: Is also known as Barrio Libre.  
144. Amory Park: Is directly south of downtown.  
145. Barrio Anita: Was named for an early settler and located between Granada Avenue and Interstate 10.  
146. Barrio Tiburón: Is now known as the Fourth Avenue arts district – designated in territorial times as a red-light district.  
147. Barrio El Jardín: Is named for an early recreational site, Levin's Gardens.  
148. Barrio El Hoyo: Was named for a lake that was part of the gardens. Before the TCC was built, El Hoyo (Spanish for pit or hole) refe...  
149. Tuscon International Mariachi Conference: Mariachi is celebrated annually at this event, as Mariachi music is popular and influential in Tucson, and the city...  
150. Seizure World: Harsh pejorative nickname for Leisure World Arizona, a Mesa-based retirement community.  
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"Give us your old, your decrepit, your retired" Edit | History
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The Dirty Bird is a celebratory dance popularized by ex-Atlanta Falcons star Jamal Anderson. Anderson, who was known for his colorful antics on and off the field (much like Muhammad Ali, whom he knew as a child), would execute this goofy dance in the end zone after touchdowns. The "Dirty Birds", when plural, can refer to the Atlanta Falcons football team and its players.

A nickname for the Dinkytown area that is earned by the many rowdy college kids that live in the neighborhood.

No, it has nothing to do with the ancient civilization of Phoenicia, but is rather a nickname for a resident of Phoenix.

A breakfast that incorporates bourbon, or is comprised of bourbon.

A drinking fountain, or bubbler if you will.