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136. 520, The: Slang for Tucson based on its 520 area code.  
137. Wash: The river bed of the Santa Cruz River, that for much of the year, remains dry, but floods during significant season...  
138. I-19: I-19 is the only Interstate highway that uses "kilometer posts" instead of "mileposts", although the speed limits a...  
139. El Presidio: Tucson's oldest neighborhood.  
140. Barrio Histórico: Is also known as Barrio Libre.  
141. Amory Park: Is directly south of downtown.  
142. Barrio Anita: Was named for an early settler and located between Granada Avenue and Interstate 10.  
143. Barrio Tiburón: Is now known as the Fourth Avenue arts district – designated in territorial times as a red-light district.  
144. Barrio El Jardín: Is named for an early recreational site, Levin's Gardens.  
145. Barrio El Hoyo: Was named for a lake that was part of the gardens. Before the TCC was built, El Hoyo (Spanish for pit or hole) refe...  
146. Tuscon International Mariachi Conference: Mariachi is celebrated annually at this event, as Mariachi music is popular and influential in Tucson, and the city...  
147. Seizure World: Harsh pejorative nickname for Leisure World Arizona, a Mesa-based retirement community.  
148. SB1070: Bill signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, widely considered the harshest immigration legislation in decades. Mos...  
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