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16. Hendrix College: A private (United Methodist) liberal arts college in Hendrix. Their mascot is the Warrior.  
17. John Brown University: Private (interdenominational) university. Known as the Golden Eagles and has a small (2000+) student population.  
18. Lyon College: Private (Presbyterian) College in Batesville, AR. Scots and Pipers are the athletic teams.  
19. Mid-South Community College: A public community college that is located in West Memphis, AR.  
20. Oachita Baptist University: Private liberal arts university with the students known as the Tigers.  
21. University of the Ozarks: A private liberal arts college in the city of Clarksville that is a well regarded university.  
22. Philander Smith College: Historically black, Philander Smith College is a very small private college in Little Rock.  
23. Shorter College: Main nemesis to Taller. A two year private liberal arts college located in N. Little Rock, AR.  
24. Southern Arkansas University: Public university that is part of the Arkansas system. The "Muleriders" as they are known wear the colors blue and...  
25. University of Arkansas-Fort Smith: A mid-sized public university in Fort Smith, AR.  
26. University of Arkansas Community College in Batesville: Pretty self explanatory, a community college that is located in Batesville, AR.  
27. University of Arkansas at Little Rock: A public university that is part of the Arkansas system. The "Trojans" have a mid-sized campus in the city of Litt...  
28. University of Arkansas at Monticello: A public university that is another part of the Arkansas university system.  
29. University of Arkansas Pine Bluff: Also known as the UAPB, a public university that is part of the Arkansas system.  
30. Williams Baptist College: Private college in Walnut Ridge, AR.  
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Local slang for a type of hard-shell clam, later, a fictional suburb of Providence featured on the "Family Guy" television show.

1. The Sausage Race is one of my favorite parts of a Brewers game. The race, sponsored by Klement's Sausage Company, features 5 moscots: Italian Sausage, Hot Dog, Bratwurst, Polish Sausage and Chorizo. The mascots run around the field and fans get to guess the winner. Only in Wisconsin!

2. The sausages have additional names: Brett Wurst...

1. A very unique term to New Orleans for the median of a street. The Spanish and French, who inhabited the older part of town, could do business on the "neutral" part of Canal Street with the Americans, who inhabited the newer part of town that started on the other side of the street. By extension, all strips of land in the middle of New Orleans streets have become "neutral ground".

2. A part of Western Louisiana that was temporarily made neutral after the Louisiana Purchase. Texas (Spanish) and the United States laid claim to the strip of land, but ended up tabling the issue until later. It is also know as Sabine Free State.

3. Neutral Ground Coffeehouse is New Orleans' oldest coffeehouse, surviving a kitchen fire and Hurricane Katrina over the years. It started out as the Penny Post, but later was called Neutral Ground.

4. Also the name of a coffee shop on Danneel Street.

A "trilobite bill" passed in the State Legislature in 1986 to make the trilobite the Wisconsin state fossil. These creatures roamed the shallow watery areas of what is now Wisconsin some 400+ million years ago.

One of the more unpleasant nicknames for Augusta, Georgia.