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1. Dawson Family of Faith: A church located in the Homewood area of Birmingham. 1114 Oxmoor Rd Birmingham, AL 35209 205-871-7324
2. East Lake: East Lake is an up- and coming turn-of-the-century neighborhood in full swing of revitalization. There is a movemen...
3. Birmian: A 'Birmian' is someone that lives in Birmingham, Alabama.  
4. Lloyd's: A local favorite, serving authentic Southern-food and sweet tea since 1937.  
5. Avondale: A neighborhood just east of Birmingham comprised of the three smaller North Avondale, South Avondale, and East Avon...  
6. Marsh Bakery: Would love to know how they made their Rum cake, I know they took left over cakes and made a torte type cake.  
7. Congealed Salad: A dessert made from flavored gelatin, buttermilk and fruit.  
8. Hominy: A regional side-dish made from corn boiled in brine.  
9. Birminghamtrends: A website devoted to Birmingham's nightlife.  
10. Sheraton Birmingham: The largest hotel in Alabama.  
11. Alys Stephens Center: A center for performing arts and the home of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, located on the University of Alabama-B...  
12. Fried Green Tomatoes: The Alabama dish brought to fame by the movie of the same name is traditionally made from green tomatoes breaded wi...  
13. Red Eye Gravy: Country ham drippings and black coffee, made into a gravy, also called Poor Man's Gravy.  
14. Dixie Alley: Alabama generally suffers more deaths than plains states because its frequent storms occur in highly populated area...  
15. Great Blizzard of 1993: A blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow on Birmingham, unusual given the snowfall average of about half-an-inch.  
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