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1. Bama: Short for Alabama.  
2. Heaviest Corner on Earth, The: In the early 1900s, the nickname for a group of early skyscrapers at the intersection of 20th Street and 1st Ave.  
3. Birmian: A 'Birmian' is someone that lives in Birmingham, Alabama.  
1. Pete's Famous Hot Dogs: A Birmingham tradition since 1915, a one-of-a-kind hot dog stand on 2nd Avenue that has maintained its loyal custom...  
2. Fish Market Restaurant: A popular seafood restaurant near the UAB Medical center that features a large fishmarket in addition to its in-hou...  
3. Golden Temple Natural Grocery and Café: A health food store with a café serving healthy meals, located on 11th Avenue in Birmingham; the city's first veget...  
1. Birmingham Civil Rights District: A six-block section of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, the historical setting for several of the area's important civ...  
2. Southside: A neighborhood in Birmingham; the southern part of the downtown area, sometimes referred to as "Midtown".  
3. Five Points South: Birmingham's entertainment/nightlife district, in the southern portion of the city.  
1. Great Blizzard of 1993: A blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow on Birmingham, unusual given the snowfall average of about half-an-inch.  
2. Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival: An annual event in late September, where filmmakers from all over come to Birmingham to screen their work.  
3. Miss Apollo Pageant: One of the oldest and most beloved drag queen beauty pageants in the U.S.  
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