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Birmingham Neighborhoods

1. Birmingham Civil Rights District: A six-block section of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, the historical setting for several of the area's important civ...  
2. Southside: A neighborhood in Birmingham; the southern part of the downtown area, sometimes referred to as "Midtown".  
3. Five Points South: Birmingham's entertainment/nightlife district, in the southern portion of the city.  
4. Lakeview: An entertainment/nightlife area of Birmingham.  
5. Over the Mountain: Refers to the suburban area on the other side of Red Mountain.  
6. Avondale: A neighborhood just east of Birmingham comprised of the three smaller North Avondale, South Avondale, and East Avon...  
7. East Lake: East Lake is an up- and coming turn-of-the-century neighborhood in full swing of revitalization. There is a movemen...
Birmingham Tagline
"The Neighborhood You've Always Wanted." Edit | History