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121. Silvertron CafĂ©: A casual American/Tex-Mex/Italian restaurant decorated with historic regional photographs; located on Clairmont Ave...  
122. Loulie Jean Norman: The owner of the female voice heard in the famous Star Trek theme song is a Birmingham native.  
123. Tammy Wynette: A famous country music artist known as the "First Lady of Country Music" is a former Birmingham resident.  
124. Country Boy Eddie: A Birmingham TV show.  
125. WRBC: A Birmingham radio station featuring rock music,heavy metal, hardcore, and punk; 91.5 FM.  
126. Miss Apollo Pageant: One of the oldest and most beloved drag queen beauty pageants in the U.S.  
127. A Yankee Shot: A belly button.  
128. Jim N Nick's 11th Avenue Grill: A popular and reasonably-priced steak/seafood/barbecue joint on 11th Avenue.  
129. Wedding Chapel, The: A Victorian-style tea house, on Centennial Drive.  
130. Safari Coffee Cup: A downtown coffeehouse that serves light lunch fare like salads and sandwiches, desserts, and the usual assortment ...  
131. Rib-It-Up: A take-out restaurant on 1st Avenue serving no-fuss and pretty decent Southern barbeque-style food.  
132. Hilltop, The: Refers to the Birmingham-Southern College.  
133. Muscadines: A type of tough-skinned red or black grape native to Alabama.  
134. Bama: Short for Alabama.  
135. Pepper Place Market: A Saturday farm market that runs from May to late September; features local produce and products, cooking demonstra...  
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
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