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106. Lakeview: An entertainment/nightlife area of Birmingham.  
107. Nick, The: A local live music venue that features local and national acts; located on 10th avenue.  
108. Fish Market Restaurant: A popular seafood restaurant near the UAB Medical center that features a large fishmarket in addition to its in-hou...  
109. Golden Temple Natural Grocery and Café: A health food store with a café serving healthy meals, located on 11th Avenue in Birmingham; the city's first veget...  
110. Back Alley, The: A vegetarian-friendly American-style restaurant on Cobb Lane in Birmingham.  
111. Jonathan Benton Bookseller: A small but friendly bookstore with a good selection and a café, located on Culver Rd.  
112. Hot and Hot Fish Club: A southern cuisine restaurant that features works by local artists and prides itself on featuring local and seasona...  
113. Superior Grill: A "fabulous" Mexican restaurant in Birmingham on Highway 280.  
114. Cosmo's Pizza: A local favorite for its pizza and its social atmosphere, located on Magnolia Ave.  
115. Davenport's Pizza Palace: Another locally recommended pizza place, established in 1964; located in Cahaba Road in Birmingham.  
116. Garage Café: A little café on Tenth Terrance South in Birmingham that features interesting outdoor décor and outdoor seating dur...  
117. Irondale Café: AKA "the Irondale Café", the eatery in nearby Irondale famous for its appearance in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes...  
118. Metro Grill: A gourmet American-style steak and seafood grill that features live entertainment and an upscale atmosphere.  
119. Dixie Railroad Museum: Alabama's official railroad museum, located in Calera, just south of Birmingham.  
120. Rickwood Field: The nation's oldest existing baseball park, opened in 1910.  
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
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After giving up a record number of homers in its first series, people starting calling the new Yankee Stadium the "Launching Pad." As it turns out, there's a wind current caused by the shape of the stadium that tends to lift balls flying toward the right field fence.

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