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91. Big Sky Bread Company: Big Sky Bread Company makes the best granola ever. Their bread and cookies are pretty darn good too.  
92. Wachovia Tower: The tallest building in Birmingham at 34 stories.  
93. I-20: A major interstate passing through downtown Birmingham; merges with I-20 in parts.  
94. Malfunctuion Junction: A nickname for the intersection of I-20/I-59 and I-65, due to its questionable design and high occurrence of traffi...  
95. I-59: A major interstate route, splits from I-20 in downtown Birmingham.  
96. Corridor X-1: AKA "The Birmingham Northern Beltline", a proposed 50-mile bypass route around Birmingham.  
97. MAX: Metro Area Express, Birmingham's bus system.  
98. Alabama Theatre: A huge movie theater built in 1927 and the last one of its size dating from that era; also home to the Birmingham M...  
99. Fair Park Arena: A multi-purpose arena in Birmingham that hosts concerts and sporting events; also home to the Birmingham Magicians,...  
100. Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival: An annual event in late September, where filmmakers from all over come to Birmingham to screen their work.  
101. Lakeview: An entertainment/nightlife area of Birmingham.  
102. Nick, The: A local live music venue that features local and national acts; located on 10th avenue.  
103. Fish Market Restaurant: A popular seafood restaurant near the UAB Medical center that features a large fishmarket in addition to its in-hou...  
104. Golden Temple Natural Grocery and Café: A health food store with a café serving healthy meals, located on 11th Avenue in Birmingham; the city's first veget...  
105. Back Alley, The: A vegetarian-friendly American-style restaurant on Cobb Lane in Birmingham.  
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
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