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91. Faulkner University: A private Christian university in the Montgomery area.  
92. Herzing College: A private, not-for-profit university for career education with a Birmingham campus.  
93. Andrew Jackson University: A private, distance-based college located in Birmingham.  
94. Red Mountain: The mountain just to the south of Birmingham, origin many of the city's television and radio station transmissions ...  
95. Big Sky Bread Company: Big Sky Bread Company makes the best granola ever. Their bread and cookies are pretty darn good too.  
96. Wachovia Tower: The tallest building in Birmingham at 34 stories.  
97. I-20: A major interstate passing through downtown Birmingham; merges with I-20 in parts.  
98. Malfunctuion Junction: A nickname for the intersection of I-20/I-59 and I-65, due to its questionable design and high occurrence of traffi...  
99. I-59: A major interstate route, splits from I-20 in downtown Birmingham.  
100. Corridor X-1: AKA "The Birmingham Northern Beltline", a proposed 50-mile bypass route around Birmingham.  
101. MAX: Metro Area Express, Birmingham's bus system.  
102. Alabama Theatre: A huge movie theater built in 1927 and the last one of its size dating from that era; also home to the Birmingham M...  
103. Fair Park Arena: A multi-purpose arena in Birmingham that hosts concerts and sporting events; also home to the Birmingham Magicians,...  
104. Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival: An annual event in late September, where filmmakers from all over come to Birmingham to screen their work.  
105. Lakeview: An entertainment/nightlife area of Birmingham.  
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
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This is what Arizona Superintendent Tom Horne accuses Tucson's Mexican-American Studies of. Horne has tried for years to eliminate ethnic studies programs from Arizona public...

1. The colored (orange, yellow and green) metal chairs outside at the Memorial Union Terrace. You can buy replica terrace chairs in the store inside the union in red and white, but not in the colors outside (though students have been known to steal the real ones as college souvenirs to remember happy times drinking and socializing on the terrace). People have gotten "busted" for having them out on porches and balconies where their thievery is on display.

2. For me, the chairs represent the center of the Universe. I have traveled all over the world and have met people who know the chairs. Just this last weekend I introduced my 8 year old to the chairs. We relaxed in them and enjoyed a cool beverage while watching the boats on the lake and listening to reggae.

3. The terrace chairs represent some of my fondest memories at UW. I spent many a day sitting in them, looking out over the lake and pretending to study. The terrace chairs are quintessentially Madison.

4. Sure, the terrace chairs are emblematic of UW-Madison, and perhaps Madison as a whole, but nobody ever assesses their comfort. I find them quite uncomfortable.

One good citizen of Longview felt it only fair that his furry neighbors should have their own walk-way. Thus the squirrel bridge was born. It spans Olympic Way.

Bags, also known as bean bag toss, is a nickname for Cornhole, a game originating in Ohio. The game requires two boards with a hole in them spaced approximately 30 feet apart. You then throw bean bags (or corn filled bags) towards the boards, with the goal of getting them in the hole. You score 3 points for getting a bag in the hole, and...

Nickname for the open green space behind Witte Hall, one of the few such spaces in the Southeast Dorm area. On warmer days, students congregate in the backyard in large numbers.