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76. Vulcan Park: A ten-acre park and museum that celebrates Birmingham's roots, growth, and culture.  
77. Pickwick Hotel: Former name of the Hotel Highland on South Street; a luxury hotel in Birmingham.  
78. Pete's Famous Hot Dogs: A Birmingham tradition since 1915, a one-of-a-kind hot dog stand on 2nd Avenue that has maintained its loyal custom...  
79. Talladega Superspeedway: A motorsports complex located in nearby Talladega; hosts NASCAR races and other events.  
80. Really Cool Stuff: The McWane Center gift shop; sells science-related souvenirs and gizmos.  
81. Reed Book: The rare book shop owned by author and columnist Jim Reed.  
82. Peanut Depot, The: Since 1907, has been turning out mass amounts of fresh roasted peanuts from a historic building.  
83. Smith Variety: An old style five-and-dime store complete with candy counter.  
84. Magic City, The: A nickname for Birmingham due to its rapid growth in the early 1900s.  
85. UAB Hospital: A first-rate trauma center and research/teaching hospital, located on the University of Alabama at Birmingham's cam...  
86. HealthSouth: One of the largest healthcare services providers in the country, headquartered in Birmingham.  
87. Faulkner University: A private Christian university in the Montgomery area.  
88. Herzing College: A private, not-for-profit university for career education with a Birmingham campus.  
89. Andrew Jackson University: A private, distance-based college located in Birmingham.  
90. Red Mountain: The mountain just to the south of Birmingham, origin many of the city's television and radio station transmissions ...  
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
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Gravy made from instant coffee and ham grease. it probably tastes better than it sounds, but the non-Alabama native may opt to take someone else's word for it.

A Jucy Lucy is a cheeseburger which has the cheese inside the beef patty rather than on top. The origin of the Jucy Lucy is under dispute. Some claim that it originated at Matt's Bar in south Minneapolis while others suggest that it was invented at the 5-8 Club, another bar a short distance away (which spells it, "Juicy Lucy").

1. Flip-flops. Origin: the Spanish word "chancletas", meaning sandals.

2. Flip-flops

A reference to the relatively laid-back pace of the city.

Bon Appetit and GQ magazine's 2007 "Chef of the Year," David Chang is New York City's most talked-about chef at the moment with three restaurants in the East Village - Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssam Bar, and Momofuku Ko. As Frank Bruni (New York Times restaurant critic) put it: "David Chang is at this point the New York restaurant world’s equivalent of Tiger Woods or Roger Federer, armed with a spatula in place of a nine-iron or tennis racket. He’s marveled at and clucked over like nobody’s business. He’s it."