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61. Shelton State Community College: A community college that is nestled in the Tuscaloosa area.  
62. Snead State Community College: Community College located in Boaz, AL.
63. University of South Alabama: Public university that is part of the Alabama network.  
64. Spring Hill College: A private university that is centered in Mobile.  
65. Stillman College: Another university, this one private, located in Tuscaloosa, AL.  
66. Talladega College: Private university in Talladega, AL. If Ricky Bobby would've went to school, this is probably where he would've wa...  
67. United States Sports Academy: A private specialized university that focuses on sports research and development.  
68. University of West Alabama: Public university located in Livingston, AL. Also goes by U-DUB or U-WAH.  
69. River City, The: A nickname for Decatur  
70. Chicago of the South, The: A nickname for Decatur. Note that there's also a Decatur in Illinois. This is just a coincidence.  
71. Ballooning Capital of the World: A nickname for Decatur  
72. Home of America's First Wave Pool: A nickname for Decatur  
73. Selma Marches: The famous civil rights marches began in Selma and ended in Montgomery.  
74. Kelly Ingram Park: A four-acre park in the Civil Rights District, a place of demonstration during the Civil Rights Era.  
75. Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame: A 2200 square foot museum in downtown Birmingham celebrating the state's jazz heritage and jazz artists.  
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
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