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46. Jacksonville State University: A small public university located in the town of Jacksonville, AL.  
47. Troy University: A public university located in Troy, AL. Part of the Troy University System.  
48. Troy University at Montgomery: A satellite campus of the Troy University System in Montgomery, AL.  
49. University of Alabama - Huntsville: Public university in Huntsville, AL. Known for its engineering and science programs, as well as being affiliated w...  
50. University of Montevallo: Public university. It is the only public liberal arts college in Alabama.  
51. Enterprise-Ozark Community College: 2 year liberal arts community college located in Enterprise, AL.  
52. Faulkner University: Private Christian university located in Montgomery, AL.  
53. Hungtingdon College: Private liberal arts college located in Montgomery, AL.  
54. Jefferson Davis Community College: Community college located in Brewton, AL.  
55. Judson College: The oldest private women's college in Alabama. It is located near the Marion Military Institution.  
56. Marion Military Institution: Military college located in Marion, AL. Located next to Judson College.  
57. Miles College: A Small, private liberal arts college.  
58. University of Mobile: Private university that is located in the beautiful city of Mobile.  
59. University of North Alabama: The oldest public university in Alabama.  
60. Regions University: A public university located in Montgomery, AL. It is mainly known for its theology program.  
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
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