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16. Sheraton Birmingham: The largest hotel in Alabama.  
17. Birminghamtrends: A website devoted to Birmingham's nightlife.  
18. Hominy: A regional side-dish made from corn boiled in brine.  
19. Congealed Salad: A dessert made from flavored gelatin, buttermilk and fruit.  
20. Marsh Bakery: Would love to know how they made their Rum cake, I know they took left over cakes and made a torte type cake.  
21. Avondale: A neighborhood just east of Birmingham comprised of the three smaller North Avondale, South Avondale, and East Avon...  
22. Lloyd's: A local favorite, serving authentic Southern-food and sweet tea since 1937.  
23. Birmian: A 'Birmian' is someone that lives in Birmingham, Alabama.  
24. East Lake: East Lake is an up- and coming turn-of-the-century neighborhood in full swing of revitalization. There is a movemen...
25. Dawson Family of Faith: A church located in the Homewood area of Birmingham. 1114 Oxmoor Rd Birmingham, AL 35209 205-871-7324
26. Century 21 Lake Area Realty, Inc.: Enjoy the natural beauty of living on the shoreline of the picturesque Lake Martin in Alabama when you buy one of t...
27. N & W Metals Inc.: Scrap Metal Recycling, Junk Yards
28. Jim Woodham & Son Tire & Auto: New Tires, Auto Repair, Brake Shop, Timing Belts, Radiators, Check Engine Diagnostics, Auto AC Repair, Auto Electri...
29. Southern Services: Heating, Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Installation, Heater Installation, Air Conditioning Repair, Air Conditi...
30. Hoover Towing: Towing Service, Auto Wrecker, Auto Repair, Wrecker Services, Auto Storage, Roadside Assistance, Fuel Delivery , Car...
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
Past Words of the Day

A word that originated from the language of the Choctaw natives of the Gulf Coast. It means close friend, originally meaning "suckling brother", which could be your blood brother, or simply someone you grew up with.

A nickname locals use for Springfield. Contrary to its size, SpringVegas has something for everyone.

1. Granolaville is a nickname for Madison's Marquette neighborhood, which is well known for its bustling activity along Williamson (Willy) Street. In Granolaville you'll find great restaurants, bars, and--oh yeah--lots of hippies.

2. Slang for the Williamson Street (popularly dubbed "Willy Street") area, a very hippy-like neighborhood with a great food co-op and trendy hipster bars.

Someone with a strong Pittsburgh accent

A nickname for Fort Worth, Texas.