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136. Pepper Place Market: A Saturday farm market that runs from May to late September; features local produce and products, cooking demonstra...  
137. Brunswick Stew: A hearty main course stew usually made with regionally sourced ingredients that include some combination of meats, ...  
138. Vulcna's Buns: A type of yeast roll, named for Birmingham's Vulcan of local statuary fame.  
139. Ciculator Dart: A fleet of vintage trolleys that shuttle people around the downtown area.  
140. Black and White: A Birmingham weekly local paper.  
141. WBHM: Birmingham's NPR radio station, at 90.3 FM.  
142. Magic City Hash House Harriers, The: A local running/walking organization that meets several times a month for 2-5 mile walks/runs.  
143. Network Birmingham: A professional women's organization.  
144. Dixie Vintage Automobile Club: A local vintage auto club that meets, of all places, at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  
145. First Light: A local homeless shelter for women and children.  
146. Heaviest Corner on Earth, The: In the early 1900s, the nickname for a group of early skyscrapers at the intersection of 20th Street and 1st Ave.  
147. Chow-Chow: A pickled condiment made from cabbage and various other vegetables and spices.  
148. Watermelon Rind Pickles: Sweet pickles made from watermelon rinds instead of cucumbers.  
149. Letter From Birmingham Jail: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1963 treatise, written while he was imprisoned for nonviolent protest.  
150. Dudley Randall: The Birmingham poet who penned "The Ballad of Birmingham", inspired by a tragic bombing at the 16th Street Baptist ...  
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"Even our own governor once said: Alabama is last in everything good and first in everything bad" Edit | History
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