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Alaska Taglines

  1. America's gateway to Russia (via Palin's street)
  2. 49th state of the Union, likely the first to secede.
  3. America's Final Frontier
Past Words of the Day

A Chamorro is an indigenous person of Guam. It is also the native language.

Term for someone from Illinois who is visiting Wisconsin. Specifically, this term seems to be used to refer to people with Illinois license plates who drive poorly on the freeway.

Grocery shopping.

A nickname originally given to the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp by its Confederate prisoners. Hellmira can still be used as a derogatory term for the city of Elmira itself.

Philadelphia's area code and a colloquial term for Philadelphia itself, as in the following sentence:

"Allen Iverson was really representin' the 215 in Los Angeles last night when he torched Kobe."