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16. Alaska Pacific University: A Private Liberal Arts College.  
17. City of Lights: City of Lights is one of the many nicknames for Anchorage.  
18. Air Crossroads of the World: Air Crossroads of the World is just one of many nicknames for the glorious city of Anchorage.  
19. Anchor Town: Anchor Town is just one of the many nicknames for the city of Anchorage.  
20. Hanging Basket Capital of the World: Hanging Basket Capital of the World is one of the nicknames for the city of Anchorage.  
21. Clam Town: Clam Town is one of the nicknames for Cordova. Another popular one is Razor Clam Capital.  
22. Razor Clam Capital: Razor Clam Capital is a nickname for Cordova. So is "Clam Town."  
23. Golden Heart City: Nickname for Fairbanks  
24. Eagle Capital of America: Haines is known as the Eagle Capital of America for the Alaska Chilkat Eagle Reserve where tourists visit every yea...  
25. Halibut Capital of the World: A nickname for Homer.  
26. A quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem: that sleepy little drinking village with a fishing problem  
27. King Salmon Capital of the World: A nickname for Ketchikan  
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"America's gateway to Russia (via Palin's street)" Edit | History
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1. The Japanese cherry tree that makes the National Cherry Blossom Festival possible. The festival first started in 1934 to commemorate the mayor of Tokyo's gift of 3,000 sakuras to the city of Washington, D.C. The number of trees has since grown to over 6,000.

2. Japanese cherry tree.

At In-N-Out burger, there are a couple of things that customers can say when they order to get their food cooked a certain way, even though it is not on any menu. "Protein style" means that your burger is wrapped in lettuce rather than a bun.

Italian Ice

The Ill Mill is a nickname for Milwaukee used by the younger crowd. It's more often used in an endearing way than a derogatory one.

Brew/movie, relating to any number of theaters that serve beer. Popular ones are Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Baghdad.