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16. City of Lights: City of Lights is one of the many nicknames for Anchorage.  
17. Air Crossroads of the World: Air Crossroads of the World is just one of many nicknames for the glorious city of Anchorage.  
18. Anchor Town: Anchor Town is just one of the many nicknames for the city of Anchorage.  
19. Hanging Basket Capital of the World: Hanging Basket Capital of the World is one of the nicknames for the city of Anchorage.  
20. Clam Town: Clam Town is one of the nicknames for Cordova. Another popular one is Razor Clam Capital.  
21. Razor Clam Capital: Razor Clam Capital is a nickname for Cordova. So is "Clam Town."  
22. Golden Heart City: Nickname for Fairbanks  
23. Eagle Capital of America: Haines is known as the Eagle Capital of America for the Alaska Chilkat Eagle Reserve where tourists visit every yea...  
24. Halibut Capital of the World: A nickname for Homer.  
25. A quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem: that sleepy little drinking village with a fishing problem  
26. King Salmon Capital of the World: A nickname for Ketchikan  
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"America's gateway to Russia (via Palin's street)" Edit | History
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