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1. Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin was the Wasilla mayor from 1996 to 2002. She was elected governor of Alaska in 2006 and has been wildly...  
2. Hockey Mom: A mother of youth hockey players or a cheesy political gimmick to help mobilize the conservative base of the Republ...  
3. Bridge to Nowhere: A politically charged project that got huge national attention when Sarah Palin was propelled into vice-presidentia...  
4. Gravina Island Bridge  
5. Nowhere, Alaska 99901: The message displayed on local t-shirts to counter the "Bridge to Nowhere" label in ironic fashion. Palin famously ...  
6. Cheechako: A newcomer to Alaska. The word comes from the Chinook and can be used nicely, or disparagingly to describe an ignor...  
7. Sourdough: An old, experienced Alaskan, the opposite of cheechako  
8. Resurrection Bay: Resurrection Bay is a very long and narrow bay roughly 20 miles long. Seward Alaska is located at the north end of ...  
9. Alaskan Bible College: A private college that specializes in ministry and biblical education, located in Glennallen, AK.  
10. Alaska Pacific University: A Private Liberal Arts College.  
11. City of Lights: City of Lights is one of the many nicknames for Anchorage.  
12. Air Crossroads of the World: Air Crossroads of the World is just one of many nicknames for the glorious city of Anchorage.  
13. Anchor Town: Anchor Town is just one of the many nicknames for the city of Anchorage.  
14. Hanging Basket Capital of the World: Hanging Basket Capital of the World is one of the nicknames for the city of Anchorage.  
15. Clam Town: Clam Town is one of the nicknames for Cordova. Another popular one is Razor Clam Capital.  
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"America's gateway to Russia (via Palin's street)" Edit | History
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Kentucky's obsession with the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team. The tradition rich program is a great source of pride for the locals. The team has seven NCAA and two Helms national championships...

Common nickname for the Pennsylvanian Railroad.

Cookies that have white frosting and chocolate frosting. In many other places they are called half and half cookies.