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Also called "Touchdown Jesus". Unfortunately he was struck by lightning on June 15, 2010 and burned to the ground. The...
Nickname given to the Red Gym on the UW-Madison campus for its close resemblance to Bowser's castle in the Super Mario...
While "the mountain is out" literally means that you can see Mount Hood from the city, it generally implies that it's a...
Spaldeen refers to a type of ball that was used to play stickball in New York. Spaldeen is actually a New York...
: Started in 1907, the Public Market in Seattle is one of the oldest farmer's markets in the United States.
This is a name commonly used for bicycle rickshaws that generally transport tourists around the city. The "driver"...
free snacks served in bowls or baskets (i.e., peanuts, chips, popcorn), usually set out on the bar; drinking leads to...

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January 22nd
Lost Dutchman's Mine: Phoenix, AZ

The subject of a famous legend regarding a rich gold mine in the Superstition Mountains-likely exaggerated, but based on the life of "forty-niner" Jacob Waltz in the 1800s. Some people still venture into the mountains looking for the hidden 'treasure'.

January 22nd
Please?: Cincinnati, OH

The unique Cincinnati way of saying 'pardon me?'

January 22nd
Big Peach: Atlanta, GA

New York City is the Big Apple, and Atlanta--as the largest city in Georgia--is the Big Peach.

January 22nd
Hollyweed: Los Angeles, CA

1. The Hollywood sign has been changed to "Hollyweed" on a few occasions, once in the '70s after legislation that would decriminalize marijuana, as well as for a scene in a movie. Since then marijuana...

January 22nd
Cascadia fault: Seattle, WA

Subduction zone that stretches along America's west coast, from Northern California and up to British Columbia. If a megathrust earthquake ruptures across this area, Seattle could be hit with an earthquake in the 9 magnitude range on the Richter scale.

January 22nd
Old Dominion: Norfolk, VA

Shorter version of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, as well a nickname for the state of Virginia given by Charles II, to whom the "Dominion and Colony of Virginia" remained faithful during the English Civil War.

January 22nd
Hornet's Nest: Charlotte, NC

Nickname ascribed to Charlotte that dates back to the Revolutionary War when Charlotte residents clashed with British troops. The term was originally used by General Charles Cornwallis to describe the fiery independence of Charlotteans. Although the NBA has taken away...

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