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Balboa Park is America's largest urban cultural park. It is home to 15 major museums and is adorned with interesting...
The colored (orange, yellow and green) metal chairs outside at the Memorial Union Terrace. You can buy replica terrace...
A nickname for the city of La Crosse itself. La Crosse is Wisconsin's main city on the western edge of the state. Also,...
San Francisco's most famous street protester, Frank can be found in highly trafficked areas of San Francisco to protest...
This is an annual June event in Eagle that includes, among many events, a rodeo, local craft/food vendors, carnival,...
A glass boot at Madison's Essen Haus that is passed around a table full of friends. The boot is the centerpiece for the...
Minnesota bars, particularly those Northeast Minneapolis are known for their meat raffles. Typically run by a charity,...

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June 18th
Water Ice: Philadelphia, PA

Italian Ice

June 18th
Gum Bands: Pittsburgh, PA

This slang for rubber bands in Pittsburgh speak.

June 18th
Brain Damage Island: Seattle, WA

Along with Brain Dead Island, it's a derogatory nickname for Bainbridge Island.

June 18th
Bags: Chicago, IL

Bags, also known as bean bag toss, is a nickname for Cornhole, a game originating in Ohio. The game requires two boards with a hole in them spaced approximately 30 feet apart. You then throw bean bags (or corn filled bags) towards the boards, with the goal of getting them in the hole. You score 3 points for getting a bag in the hole, and 1 point on the board. Teams are 2 people, and they stand on opposite sides. You subtract the difference between the team totals for each round. Game ends at 21 points.

June 18th
Breeder: San Francisco, CA

A heterosexual person in gay culture.

June 18th
Bang a left: Boston, MA

Take a left (while driving).

June 18th
People's Republic of Madison: Madison, WI

Pejorative nickname given to Madison by political conservatives due to its long history of progressive politics. (Also see "60 square miles surrounded by reality".)

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