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(noun) Nickname for Minneapolis, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s; meant as a contrast to "The Big Apple", New York...
The SLUT means "South Lake Union Trolley". The trolley is joked about in Seattle by its residents, due to the fact that...
: Oscar Mayer is headquartered in Madison, making a Wienermobile sighting a fairly common occurrence.
Constructed in 1969, the World's Largest Six Pack belongs to the City Brewery in La Crosse, Wisconsin. According to the...
Spaldeen refers to a type of ball that was used to play stickball in New York. Spaldeen is actually a New York...
Great views of Manhattan from this Brooklyn location on the water at the end of Old Fulton St. It's at the base of the...
Located right on the lake and is a major attraction for Milwaukee. The building was designed by the world-renown...

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November 20th
Hot Brown: Louisville, KY

Created by the Brown Hotel in Louisville, the Hot Brown is a broiled open face sandwich featuring turkey, bacon, and mornay sauce. Popular in Louisville as well as throughout Kentucky.

November 20th
Carriage: Boston, MA

Shopping cart.

November 20th
Soviet Republic of Washington: Seattle, WA

James Farley, Postmaster under FDR, said in 1936, "There are 47 states in the Union, and the Soviet of Washington." He alluded to the leftist movements in the state, particularly in Seattle where labor movements occurred post WWI when unsatisfactory efforts were made to improve wages after war-time wage controls.

November 20th
Pochismo: Miami, FL

Pochismo is a type of "Spanglish" spoken in Miami. In Miami, most of the Spanish influence in pochismo comes from Cuban culture.

November 20th
Who dat?: New Orleans, LA

"Who dat?" is the shorthand version of a cheer for the New Orleans Saints football team (2009 NFC Champs!). The entire cheer is: "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?" This phrase has been popularized by the New Orleans Saints, especially this year now that our dominant Saints team is hitting it big on the national stage.

November 20th
Beer Summit: Washington, DC

On July 30th, 2009, Harvard professor Robert Louis Gates and Cambridge police officer James Crowley had a private discussion (and some beers) with Barack Obama at the White House after Gates' famous July 16th arrest. This meeting has been called the "Beer Summit" by amused onlookers.

November 20th
Coffee Milk: Providence, RI

1. A quintessential Rhode Island treat, made with milk and coffee syrup. Believe it or not, coffee milk is in fact the official state beverage.

2. There's hardly anything more Rhode Island than coffee milk. Out-of-staters at Brown are often confused...

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