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The Bear Tooth Pass is the 30 mile stretch of highway between Red Lodge, MT and Yellowstone National Park's North East...
The SLUT means "South Lake Union Trolley". The trolley is joked about in Seattle by its residents, due to the fact that...
Minnesota bars, particularly those Northeast Minneapolis are known for their meat raffles. Typically run by a charity,...
"Smurf Turf" is a common nickname for Bronco Stadium at Boise State University. It is the only blue astro-turf field in...
SheVegas is the future of journalism. Covering the greater Sheboygan, Wisconsin area, SheVegas brings multimedia to...
A nickname for the city of La Crosse itself. La Crosse is Wisconsin's main city on the western edge of the state. Also,...
This has become the popular name for Millenium Park's famed stainless steel sculpture, "Cloud Gate." It was completed...

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March 19th
Jesus Junction: Atlanta, GA

Stretch of Peachtree Rd in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta that is marked by the presence of a number of large churches built close together.

March 19th
Elastics: Boston, MA

Rubber Bands.

March 19th
Paczki: South Bend, IN

Paczki's are deep-fried Polish doughnuts which mark the beginning of Lent, and are most often consumed on "Fat Tuesday." Traditionally, these rich doughnuts were intended to use all of the forbidden lard, sugar...

March 19th
Casual Car Pool: San Francisco, CA

Term for the organized carpooling system in San Francisco where carpoolers meet at a designated spot and share rides. Started in the mid 1970s when oil prices were sky-high, casual car pools are not run by an established organization, but are rather arranged ad hoc and continue on tradition. People involved will know the pickup and drop-off points, as well as the rules--the most important of which is that there's no money exchanged between drivers and riders.

March 19th
Great Chicago Fire of 1871: Chicago, IL

Citywide catastrophe rumored to have been started by the "O'Leary cow." As legend goes, the O'Leary cow kicked over a lantern in the O'Leary farm which started to spread throughout the city. Every building in the city, which was made out of wood then, was either damaged or destroyed with the exception of the Water Tower which stands to this day.

March 19th
Princess Kay of the Milky Way: Minneapolis, MN

The young woman who serves as Minnesota's state dairy princess wears the title of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, a name selected in a Department of Agriculture contest over fifty years ago. Princess Kay is crowned each August the night before the opening of the Minnesota State Fair, and she makes appearances not only during the Fair's 12-day run, but all year long. She is generally the daughter of dairy farmers. While at the fair, both Princess Kay and the runner-ups sit in a refrigerator in the Empire Commons building and have a replica of their head sculpted out of butter.

March 19th
India No Place: Indianapolis, IN

When the city of Indianapolis either bores or annoys its residents.

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