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"Jump Around" is not only the party smash hit by House of Pain, but is also a student section tradition at the...
Balboa Park is America's largest urban cultural park. It is home to 15 major museums and is adorned with interesting...
This has become the popular name for Millenium Park's famed stainless steel sculpture, "Cloud Gate." It was completed...
"Smurf Turf" is a common nickname for Bronco Stadium at Boise State University. It is the only blue astro-turf field in...
A classic Milwaukee tavern. This 100 year old bar is famous for it's bumper stickers that read "I Closed Wolski's". The...
Recently becoming trendy, this is an area of Brooklyn just over the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges from Manhattan. The...
Cheeseheads can refer to either 1) the foam cheesehead hats made by Foamation, 2) Wisconsinites, or 3) Green Bay Packer...

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January 15th
World's Largest Six Pack: La Crosse, WI

Constructed in 1969, the World's Largest Six Pack belongs to the City Brewery in La Crosse, Wisconsin. According to the sign in front of the six pack, the six "beers" contain a total of 22,220 barrels of beer, which is 688,200 gallons. This is enough to fill 7,340,796 cans. Also, placed end-to-end, these beer cans would run 565 miles long. Even more amazing, the World's Largest Six Pack would provide a single person a six pack daily for 3,351 years. Wow!

January 15th
SpringVegas: Springfield, MO

A nickname locals use for Springfield. Contrary to its size, SpringVegas has something for everyone.

January 15th
Marlin Hill: Milwaukee, WI

Mr. Hill is a hilarious local comedian who does THE best impression of President Obama. You can catch his impression on YouTube during interviews with the local Milwaukee press.

January 15th
Coffee & Chicory: New Orleans, LA

Coffee laced with chicory. Rumored to have originated in New Orleans during the Civil War, when the city was under a federal blockade and could not import enough coffee, which necessitated blending...

January 15th
Bridge & Tunnel: New York, NY

Manhattanites refer to those who commute into Manhattan by bridge or by tunnel as "B&T"s, occasionally as an indication of someone who is "not a real Manhattanite", and/or "pays a more reasonable rent or mortgage"

January 15th
Casual Car Pool: San Francisco, CA

Term for the organized carpooling system in San Francisco where carpoolers meet at a designated spot and share rides. Started in the mid 1970s when oil prices were...

January 15th
Down Cella: Boston, MA

In the basement.

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