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SheVegas is the future of journalism. Covering the greater Sheboygan, Wisconsin area, SheVegas brings multimedia to...
This has become the popular name for Millenium Park's famed stainless steel sculpture, "Cloud Gate." It was completed...
: And now you have Anubis - personally I think they are both very cool.
free snacks served in bowls or baskets (i.e., peanuts, chips, popcorn), usually set out on the bar; drinking leads to...
This is August 15 and a few days on either side. When all the leases in the central city turn over at the same time,...
A very busy boulevard that is like a continuation of the Golden State Freeway. It is Spanish for The Happy Boulevard....
A classic Milwaukee tavern. This 100 year old bar is famous for it's bumper stickers that read "I Closed Wolski's". The...

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December 22nd
Five Way: Cincinnati, OH

A Three Way (spagetti, chilli and cheddar cheese) plus red beans AND diced onions.

December 21st
The Mountain is Out: Portland, OR

Means you can see Mount Hood from the city.

December 20th
suppah: Boston, MA

1. dinner

2. The word supper (pronounced suppah) is most often used in Boston for the last meal of the day. Most parts of the country say dinner. The dinner vs. supper phenomenon is actually a pretty complicated ones with regional, class, and culinary implication. Boston is nonetheless supper-dominant.

December 19th
Brunswick Stew: Birmingham, AL

A hearty main course stew usually made with regionally sourced ingredients that include some combination of meats, onions, okra tomatoes, lima beans, and a copious amount of butter.

December 18th
Chopped and Screwed: Houston, TX

A popular style of hip hop which originated in Houston’s predominantly African-American communities.

December 17th
tchotchke: New York, NY

Bauble, trinket. Usually used when describing the items tourists buy in Times Square to remind them of their trip to NYC. Also known as schlock or kitsch.

December 16th
mocky: Austin, TX

1. Water moccasin-infested

2. Adj. describing dark, murky areas along the banks of Barton Creek in which water moccasins may lurk. For use when evaluating swimming holes.

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I've grown up in this state and love it! Personally I'd rather be called a Sconnie or Wisconsinite than a cheesehead but that's just me. I don't know why people have an issue with the word Sconnie.
Sometimes made from Veal or Lamb too, babies which is too bad Have to be less than a year old
A stretch of the Interstate 75/85 highway that curves around the heart of downtown Atlanta going north and south. Because Grady Memorial Hospital is a large identifiable landmark that sits in the apex of the curve, it i...
Ain't it so