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Located right on the lake and is a major attraction for Milwaukee. The building was designed by the world-renown...
The Bear Tooth Pass is the 30 mile stretch of highway between Red Lodge, MT and Yellowstone National Park's North East...
The vibrant, neon-lit, and congested heart of Manhattan, home to the theater district and the New Years Eve...
The Lake Delton Dam Disaster occurred on Monday, June 9, 2008. After days of thunderstorms spawned tornadoes and...
The colored (orange, yellow and green) metal chairs outside at the Memorial Union Terrace. You can buy replica terrace...
"Jump Around" is not only the party smash hit by House of Pain, but is also a student section tradition at the...
This is a name commonly used for bicycle rickshaws that generally transport tourists around the city. The "driver"...

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February 8th
Liquid Land: New Orleans, LA

Louisiana swamps.

February 8th
Virgin Vault: Madison, WI

1. The virgin vault was the former all-female Elizabeth Waters dormitory at the University of Wisconsin. It has recently been made co-ed, however, so the virigns have been let out...

February 8th
Screwston: Houston, TX

A popular--and relatively new--nickname for the city of Houston, which refers to “chopped and screwed,” an authentically Houston style of music.

February 8th
Keep Austin Weird: Austin, TX

1. Keep Austin Weird was a slogan initiated by the Austin Small Business Alliance to help promote the city and its local businesses. Local street character Leslie Cochran didn't come up with the phrase, but he has become the poster child for it, although unofficially. It has since been trademarked and is now marketed on all sorts of merchandise.

2. A local motto in recent years used to promote the city’s eccentricity and diversity. It featured on innumerable bumper stickers and t-shirts.

February 8th
Penntrification: Philadelphia, PA

Refers to the gentrifying effect of the University of Pennsylvania on the West Philadelphia area.

February 8th
peatzer: Boston, MA


February 8th
Congo Square: New Orleans, LA

1. Town square in the Treme neighborhood where slaves used to meet on Sundays to dance.

2. Sunday was the slave's day off. They would meet at "Place de Negres," which is now called Congo Square. Treme is the cradle of African American music in the New Orleans area, and Congo Square is ground zero.

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No one makes it any more. It's sad people argue that 7up, club and Sprite are whites,BUT they are clear sodas. White soda was unflavored and club soda has way to much bitterness to it. I miss white soda when I'm sick. Sw...
Scanner Dan I need your help I just got a BC 75 XLT Moble I need help in Program it maybe you might be able to help me out.Get hold me but how can do it ?
In Walgreens c. 1997 Scanner Dan walked up to me and asked "What would you do if your sister was a chicken?" I said "I'd bite her on the leg!" He looked repelled and moved away. I felt immediately that I'd misjudged h...
Pastries or sweet rolls from a bakery.
Coldcreekfarm is a wonderful place for organizing events for weddings, corporate, church or private party, venue located in the northeast Georgia Mountains.