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The Lake Delton Dam Disaster occurred on Monday, June 9, 2008. After days of thunderstorms spawned tornadoes and...
A nickname for the city of La Crosse itself. La Crosse is Wisconsin's main city on the western edge of the state. Also,...
This is an annual June event in Eagle that includes, among many events, a rodeo, local craft/food vendors, carnival,...
The Cloisters are an extension of the Metropolitan Art Museum dedicated to the architecture and art of the European...
Located right on the lake and is a major attraction for Milwaukee. The building was designed by the world-renown...
: Started in 1907, the Public Market in Seattle is one of the oldest farmer's markets in the United States.
The common name of the Newport Southbank Bridge. Given its color and status as a pedestrian bridge, the nickname isn't...

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May 22nd
Pank: Ishpeming, MI

To pack snow

May 22nd
Inclines: Pittsburgh, PA

Old cable cars that go up the side of Mt Washington

May 22nd
Sloshkosh: Oshkosh, WI

1. Nickname for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (or some claim the entire city of Oshkosh) referring to their heavy drinking reputation.

2. Strangely, in an effort to more closely monitor their public reputation, The University of Wisconsin has actually registered the trademarks "Sloshkosh", "UW-0", and "UW-Zero".

May 22nd
Alligators in the Sewers: New York, NY

A pervasive New York City urban legend tells of infant alligators brought back from Florida vacations and subsequently flushed down toilets only to form scattered colonies of full-grown alligators thriving beneath the city streets. Some versions describe the alligators as albino, having lost their pigment from living in the dark sewers for generations.

May 22nd
Bad Children Go to Father Baker: Buffalo, NY

Father Baker is waiting to be canonized at Our Lady of Victory. He used to run a house for boys and now every child is threatened to be sent to Fr. Baker's when they are bad.

May 22nd
Urban Iditarod: Portland, OR

Once a year, people race in teams around the city on a bar/city tour. Participants are in teams of 5 and are expected to dress up to whatever theme they choose. Grocery carts are stolen (and then returned) as sleds and one

May 22nd
Palm Springs of Washington, The: Yakima, WA

There's a sign at the edge of town that dubs Yakima the "Palm Springs of Washington," alluding to the sunnier weather with respect to the rest of the state.

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