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Great views of Manhattan from this Brooklyn location on the water at the end of Old Fulton St. It's at the base of the...
San Francisco's most famous street protester, Frank can be found in highly trafficked areas of San Francisco to protest...
Located right on the lake and is a major attraction for Milwaukee. The building was designed by the world-renown...
A classic Milwaukee tavern. This 100 year old bar is famous for it's bumper stickers that read "I Closed Wolski's". The...
A rather obvious variation of "Rabobank", a Netherlands-based banking group that failed to change its name upon...
Waikiki Beach is one of Hawaii's truly great recreational beaches. It's basically a two mile stretch of coast fronted...
ATMs in southern Wisconsin used to run under the brand Take Your Money Everywhere or TYME. The iconic machines were...

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November 26th
San Antonio Missions: San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is the only U.S. city with five Spanish missions. These historical structures served as the first foundations of the city (the Alamo is the oldest, built in 1718) along the San Antonio River.

November 25th
Seg: Washington, DC

Short for the "Segway Human Transporter", a two-wheeled, motorized sidewalk 'scooter' that one can easily rent or buy in D.C.

November 24th
Wash: Cleveland, OH

Non-alcholic mixer used to make cocktails.

November 23rd
Mount Horeble: Mount Horeb, WI

1. Mt. Horeble, or Mt. Horrible, is a derogatory name for the town, often invoked by local high schoolers to describe Mt. Horeb's alleged lackluster assets or traditional, closed mindset

2. I've lived in Mt. Horeb and I've never heard this nickname.

3. A playfully derogatory nickname for Mount Horeb.

November 22nd
Milwaukee's Beast: Milwaukee, WI

Slang for the beer Milwaukee's Best.

November 21st
Strings: Atlanta, GA

French Fries

November 20th
Mound City: Saint Louis, MO

A nickname for St. Louis, originating in the Native American burial mounds that were once common to the city.

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A stretch of the Interstate 75/85 highway that curves around the heart of downtown Atlanta going north and south. Because Grady Memorial Hospital is a large identifiable landmark that sits in the apex of the curve, it i...
Ain't it so
The Bank of America Tower looks like a Narwhal.
The Bat Building The AT&T building has two pointy spires resembling the comic character's bat - eared mask. All Nashvillean's call it The Bat Building. At one time, we even had a poet on local television who dressed a...