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The infamous guy who plays his Piccolo (very well) all year round on state street and also plays in the University...
This has become the popular name for Millenium Park's famed stainless steel sculpture, "Cloud Gate." It was completed...
Minnesota bars, particularly those Northeast Minneapolis are known for their meat raffles. Typically run by a charity,...
: And now you have Anubis - personally I think they are both very cool.
free snacks served in bowls or baskets (i.e., peanuts, chips, popcorn), usually set out on the bar; drinking leads to...
The Sausage Race is one of my favorite parts of a Brewers game. The race, sponsored by Klement's Sausage Company,...
Recently becoming trendy, this is an area of Brooklyn just over the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges from Manhattan. The...

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August 24th
Meat Raffle: Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota bars, particularly those Northeast Minneapolis are known for their meat raffles. Typically run by a charity, raffle tickets usually sell for $1 apiece and winners get to choose their cut of meat.

August 24th
Saltine Warriors: Syracuse, NY

Original nickname for the Syracuse University sports teams. No, it has nothing to do with crackers, but rather Syracuse's prominence in the salt trade. The Saltine Warriors then became the Orangemen, and then the more gender-neutral Orange.

August 24th
Leatherstocking Region: Utica, NY

Region of New York State in which Utica resides. James Fenimore Cooper (the most famous bad writer in American Literature) set his "Leatherstocking Tales" in this region.

August 24th
Christmas Style: Albuquerque, NM

Red and green chile sauce together with the same dish.

August 24th
Freakfest: Madison, WI

Freakfest is a city sponsored event on state street that was invented in 2007 for the sole purpose of coopting the spontaneous unsponsored event that had been taking place...

August 24th
Arsenal of Democracy: Detroit, MI

A term for Detroit coined by former president Franklin Roosevelt during the second World War to describe the transition of the Ford Motor Company's production from cars to tanks.

August 24th
Northeastah: Boston, MA

Very bad windy storm spinning off the coast causing ferocious northeast winds. EX: "Mary, get the shovels outta the cella, looks like we're in for a northeastah tonight".

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I grew up in MN and we used to always say: We're heading to Sconnie for a beer run, or whatever we were going to do there. It was a reference to the state not the people.
I grew up spending time on State Street and know that Snowball did a lot to break the racial tension in Madison that was created by the Vietnam War. He made us feel safe when we walked down and around State Street in sp...
Bob is a 50 something man who is also an adolescent intellectually. He is socially awkward and subject to occasional temper tantrums although these have improved with age. He has always had a roof over his head and spend...
A neighborhood that is positioned in the middle of Madison and Middleton. Half of the neighborhood pays Madison tax and have a Madison address while the other half has Middleton. [blackhawkhomeowners.com]