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This is an annual June event in Eagle that includes, among many events, a rodeo, local craft/food vendors, carnival,...
Satan's Steed is one of the nicknames of the blue horse sculpture just outside of the Denver International Airport. The...
: Oscar Mayer is headquartered in Madison, making a Wienermobile sighting a fairly common occurrence.
Balboa Park is America's largest urban cultural park. It is home to 15 major museums and is adorned with interesting...
Spaldeen refers to a type of ball that was used to play stickball in New York. Spaldeen is actually a New York...
ATMs in southern Wisconsin used to run under the brand Take Your Money Everywhere or TYME. The iconic machines were...
This is August 15 and a few days on either side. When all the leases in the central city turn over at the same time,...

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July 6th
Lil Pakistan: Fort Myers, FL

Rappers will sometimes call Ft. Myers "Lil Pakistan" because of its relatively high crime rate. Although Pakistan's crime rate is low compared to industrialized countries, people in the US often get the impression that Pakistan is war-torn and crime-ridden, in all places at all times.

July 5th
Nowledge: Lincoln, NE

Big XII rivals will often assert that the 'N' on the University of Nebraska football helmet stands for "nowledge."

July 4th
BFM: Bloomington, MN

A shortened form for Mall of America, standing for big, frickin' mall. See also: MOA.

July 3rd
Chris Rock: Madison, WI

Many suspected Chris Rock of basketball skill whenever UW guard Kammron Taylor took to the court. Kammron Taylor is a spittin' image of the famous comic.

July 2nd
Launching Pad: New York, NY

After giving up a record number of homers in its first series, people starting calling the new Yankee Stadium the "Launching Pad." As it turns out, there's a wind current caused by the shape of the stadium that tends to lift balls flying toward the right field fence.

July 1st
Albuquerque Isotopes: Albuquerque, NM

A Triple-A minor league baseball team in Albuquerque that derives its name from a Simpsons episode in which Homer tries to stop the Springfield Isotopes from moving to Albuquerque.

June 30th
The Jake by the Lake: Cleveland, OH

Nickname for Jacobs Field. Jacobs Field was the name for the stadium where the Cleveland Indians play. It is currently called Progressive Field.

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Bob likes to go into steam tunnels. He does this all over the country and internationally. I went in the tunnels on campus while I was at the UW. It just never became an obsession. My mother was a good friend of Bob's mo...
Bucktales was great!!! best fish I have had in a while,Tenderloin to die for and clam chowder off the charts...
Bucktales was great!!! best fisy I have had in a while,Tenderloin to die for and clam chowder off the charts...
People's Republic of Madison
Ghetto means a place to live where people don't fuck around and do whatever they want.