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Chad Vader is a character from a series of short videos produced locally by Blame Society Productions at the Willy...
Great views of Manhattan from this Brooklyn location on the water at the end of Old Fulton St. It's at the base of the...
An old warehouse that is now filled with artist studios, Five Pointz is a living collage of graffiti art. Come here...
The vibrant, neon-lit, and congested heart of Manhattan, home to the theater district and the New Years Eve...
Designed for the 1962 World's Fair, the Space Needle is a 605 foot tall tower in Seattle, Washington. The...
Scanner is a fixture at the Memorial Union and State Street. While eccentrically amiable, Dan may rub the unacquainted...
: And now you have Anubis - personally I think they are both very cool.

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May 29th
Tacoma Aroma: Seattle, WA

The sulfuric stench produced by Tacoma's paper manufacturing mill.

May 28th
Hillsburrito: Portland, OR

Nickname for Hillsboro, a suburb due west of Portland. Vastly cheaper to live than the city, Hillsboro suffers most from being just a normal suburb and not some swanky bubble (like the Pearl). Also a strong showing of Hispanics.

May 27th
City of Five Seasons: Cedar Rapids, IA

Cedar Rapids is known as the City of Five Seasons because of the four seasons it experiences each year and the fifth being the season to celebrate the other four. The Tree of Five Seasons is located in downtown CR and is the symbol of this idea. Most people who live here don't get it either.

May 26th
Green Lake Itch: Seattle, WA

The rash one gets after swimming in Green Lake, a man-made lake located north of downtown on the other side of Lake Union. "The itch" is relatively harmless, but considering that it is caused by the many ducks and geese (and all that they secrete), it has caused many Seattlelites to swim elsewhere.

May 25th
Halfmoons: Utica, NY

Cookies that have white frosting and chocolate frosting. In many other places they are called half and half cookies.

May 24th
Little Beirut: Portland, OR

A nickname for Portland given by none other than George Bush and his staff. Every time he would visit there would be such protests and demonstrations that he did not return to Portland when seeking reelection in 2004; but sent other staff members to gain support.

May 23rd
City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia's motto, coined by William Penn.

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Bob likes to go into steam tunnels. He does this all over the country and internationally. I went in the tunnels on campus while I was at the UW. It just never became an obsession. My mother was a good friend of Bob's mo...
Bucktales was great!!! best fish I have had in a while,Tenderloin to die for and clam chowder off the charts...
Bucktales was great!!! best fisy I have had in a while,Tenderloin to die for and clam chowder off the charts...
People's Republic of Madison
Ghetto means a place to live where people don't fuck around and do whatever they want.