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Minnesota bars, particularly those Northeast Minneapolis are known for their meat raffles. Typically run by a charity,...
This is an annual June event in Eagle that includes, among many events, a rodeo, local craft/food vendors, carnival,...
Cheeseheads can refer to either 1) the foam cheesehead hats made by Foamation, 2) Wisconsinites, or 3) Green Bay Packer...
SheVegas is the future of journalism. Covering the greater Sheboygan, Wisconsin area, SheVegas brings multimedia to...
Great views of Manhattan from this Brooklyn location on the water at the end of Old Fulton St. It's at the base of the...
Waikiki Beach is one of Hawaii's truly great recreational beaches. It's basically a two mile stretch of coast fronted...
While "the mountain is out" literally means that you can see Mount Hood from the city, it generally implies that it's a...

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March 29th
Blizzard of '96: New York, NY

In January 1996, a blizzard hit and shut down NYC. Hundreds of stranded travelers were forced to live in the terminals of JFK Airport for two days, since even buses and taxis were immobilized.

March 28th
Cheeseheads: Green Bay, WI
Even dogs like the Packers.

Cheeseheads can refer to either 1) the foam cheesehead hats made by Foamation, 2) Wisconsinites, or 3) Green Bay Packer fans.

March 27th
Best Damn Band in the Land: Madison, WI

Also known as the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Marching Band. Also referred to as the "hardest working band in America"

March 26th
Quoits: Trenton, NJ

Trenton has its own 'style' of this lawn game, where one pitches round metal quoits (sort of like metal hoops or rings) at a target.

March 25th
Smog Angeles: San Diego, CA

"Smog Angeles" is what many San Diegans call Los Angeles, the rival city to the north.

March 24th
Snow Birds: Madison, WI

A nickname for those that move to warmer climates in the winter (usually Florida or Arizona) and then back to Wisconsin in the summer.

March 23rd
Friartown: Providence, RI

Nickname for Providence used mostly by students of Providence College and fans of the school's D1 athletic teams.

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"Hey, did you know that Mount Olympus is a volcano? It'll erupt any day now".
MANIFESTATIONS A University of Wisconsin-Madison Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition When: Friday February 20, 2015 - Friday March 6, 2015 Where: 7th Floor Gallery at 455 N. Park St. Humanities Building Madison, WI 53706 ...
Term often used by traffic engineers meaning traffic control signal.
Someone from Akron, Ohio, who owns or hunts on land in the prime deer hunting areas of Southeastern Ohio, such as near Beallsville, Ohio. Akronites typically use more bullets in one week of season than the US military us...
Very black, and very dangerous area. If you stand at the border of the Cornhill section you can hear the "click" of people hitting their car door locks as they drive in.