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The SLUT means "South Lake Union Trolley". The trolley is joked about in Seattle by its residents, due to the fact that...
Constructed in 1969, the World's Largest Six Pack belongs to the City Brewery in La Crosse, Wisconsin. According to the...
A classic Milwaukee tavern. This 100 year old bar is famous for it's bumper stickers that read "I Closed Wolski's". The...
San Francisco's most famous street protester, Frank can be found in highly trafficked areas of San Francisco to protest...
Waikiki Beach is one of Hawaii's truly great recreational beaches. It's basically a two mile stretch of coast fronted...
Spaldeen refers to a type of ball that was used to play stickball in New York. Spaldeen is actually a New York...
The Lake Delton Dam Disaster occurred on Monday, June 9, 2008. After days of thunderstorms spawned tornadoes and...

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April 24th
30 Rack: Boston, MA

A case of beer.

April 23rd
Treme: New Orleans, LA

1. Named after Claude Treme, the Treme (pronounced truh-MAY) neighborhood (often referred to simply as 'Treme') is the first free neighborhood of color in America. Treme is the location of Congo Square, where African folkways and music were permitted to flourish long before slaves were able to freely congregate anywhere else in the country. Treme is also the site of Storeyville, and is as close to any one place in New Orleans as can be considered the actual birthplace of jazz. Claiborne Avenue, which forms the northern border of Treme, was once the wealthiest African-American commercial district in the US, until I-10 was constructed in 1966. Today, Treme is still home to beautiful creole architecture, vibrant restaurants (like Dooky Chase, Lil Dizzy's, and Willie Mae's Scotch House), and live oaks. Louis Armstrong National Jazz Park is located in Treme, as is the Mahalia Jackson Theater of Performing Arts.

2. Treme is also the name of an HBO series to come out in 2010 about the neighborhood's ongoing rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina. The series was created by David Simon, who also created the hit series "The Wire".

April 22nd
Smallbany: Albany, NY

A derogatory local nickname for Albany invoked by its more disenchanted residents.

April 21st
Cream City: Milwaukee, WI

Old nickname for Milwaukee, esp. in the 19th century. The source of the nickname was the cream colored bricks once manufactured in Milwaukee.

April 20th
Cabbage Night: Boston, MA

October 30th, the night before Halloween; elsewhere known as "mischief night".

April 19th
Dirty Jersey: New York, NY

Refers to neighboring New Jersey, home state of the food additive industry and the Toxic Avenger

April 18th
Arf n Barf: Richmond, IL

Richmond has its very own Dog n Suds Drive In, better known by the locals as "Arf n Barf."

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Known for Long Island Iced Tea.
Kelly's Grille has been closed since 2008. The space was split into Roman Candle and Atomic Koi.
Guy stalked my sister in the early '80s. Not "harmless" - is a creepster.
The Hostess City of the South
My husband & I watched all of Treme in 1 weekend! WE ARE IN LOVE with this show!!! Not only is it entertaining, it provoked us to research this beautiful culture. And we love it! Wish we were able to speak on the shows b...