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: Started in 1907, the Public Market in Seattle is one of the oldest farmer's markets in the United States.
Also called "Touchdown Jesus". Unfortunately he was struck by lightning on June 15, 2010 and burned to the ground. The...
The common name of the Newport Southbank Bridge. Given its color and status as a pedestrian bridge, the nickname isn't...
The Sausage Race is one of my favorite parts of a Brewers game. The race, sponsored by Klement's Sausage Company,...
This is August 15 and a few days on either side. When all the leases in the central city turn over at the same time,...
While "the mountain is out" literally means that you can see Mount Hood from the city, it generally implies that it's a...
156 miles long, it runs through the entirety of downtown Chicago with 45 bridges spanning its diameter. Every St....

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June 26th
Hotdish: Minneapolis, MN

A baked casserole dish that is commonly eaten in Minnesota homes. Popular varieties include Tator Tot hotdish, Party Potatoes (aka Funeral Potatoes), Green Bean casserole and Wild Rice casserole. Many of these are cooked with Campbell's Soup such as Cream of Chicken.

June 26th
Corpus Time: Corpus Christi, TX

Refers to the laid-back atmosphere, where it is not uncommon for people to arrive 10 minutes late for meetings

June 26th
Hodad: San Diego, CA

A hodad is a guy who pretends to be a surfer but really isn't. He may or may not actually surf, but for the most part chills at the beach and tries to look cool to pick up women.

June 26th
Schlock: New York, NY

The technical definition is an adjective used to describe something as cheap or inferior. New Yorkers use it as a term encompassing all of the souvenirs sold in Times Square that tourists take home with them to remind them of their trip to New York City. (I mean, what else would you call a melamine ash tray shaped like a yellow taxi?) AKA kitsch. Individual items of schlock or kitsch are known as tchotchkes.

June 26th
Masshole: Providence, RI

The native Rhode Islanders' reference to the hordes of tourists from Massachusetts who swarm their beaches each summer.

June 26th
Weck: Buffalo, NY

Short for Kummelweck, a roll that is covered in caraway seeds and kosher salt. This New York bread found its way into the original name for Buffalo Wild Wings (Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck). This confuses many people when they hear the nickname BW3's. The third double-u is 'weck'.

June 26th
Outstate: Saint Paul, MN

How people inside the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area refers to the rest of Minnesota.

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